Notes From The Creative Side

Mar 23rd 2018

This is a short introduction of why and for what this blog was created. Like all our templates, its designed with you in mind so you can create anything like a pro without much time and effort!

Hello, I am the Creative Director here at The Funeral Program Site. This area of our website is all about help with handy tips, tricks, and techniques that you can use for real life projects. I've decided to start this as a means for customers and those surfing around online, access to a person who has had many years in the graphic design industry. Yes, I read each and every comment and yes, I will respond. Your comments will not go into oblivion, I promise. :-)

I will be writing pretty often here so you will have a wealth of articles at your disposal on topics relating to our templates, graphic design, creating programs, and funeral related items. Seems all I do these days is write, write, write! It's a good thing I can talk for hours on a subject I am passionate about! I am hopeful if you come across these pages, it will be a help to you and whatever project your currently undertaking.

The Funeral Program Site does have a regular blog in which we write about new product launches and upcoming holiday features. Of course, we also write about recent deaths of public figures. So you see, that blog wasn't really meant to write about the ins and outs of the creative mind which is why I decided to start this one. So many blogs, so little time. I do enjoy writing though and also sharing and teaching others who have the same passion as I do for good design.

I have peroused the web many a time looking for answers on how-tos or certain techniques I'm looking to create. Often I come up empty handed or not really getting the quality articles or how to information I am seeking. I am really beginning to doubt Google's ability to display quality articles based on my experience. Anyways, feel free to also chime in at the end of each article if you have questions you need to ask or even share something on the topic. I am always open to interacting with my visitors.

If you don't see something here, don't be shy, just ask! Chances are, I will be writing about it in the next post. OK, sometimes I can also ramble and I don't want to do that to you. Just want to thank you for finding my little corner of this website and I hope to see you here often!

To Your Creativity!

Carole Galassi, Creative Director

The Funeral Program Site

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