Working With Flourish Frames

Mar 23rd 2018

Elegant flourish frames are a wonderful addition to any plain or blank document. We’ve created two dozen flourish frame designs for you to use on any project which works on any software for MAC OSX and Windows based computers.

The frames offer elegantly designed shapes which you can customize with your loved one’s name and date of birth through date of death. Some of our elegant frames allow for a photo in the center of the design. These frames were designed so you can instantly add beauty and elegance to any plain document. You can download our free funeral program template which is formatted in a letter single fold layout and no background image. Then insert an elegant frame of your choice onto the front cover and watch the document turn from plain to professional in a matter of minutes!

Flourish frames are a perfect way to spruce things up. They are great to use for any gender, male or female and works well in any software. We wanted to create designs that you can print on any black and white printer that would also allow some versatility to it. The frames offer a transparent background which will enable you to put it on any colored or textured paper.

These frames are generally placed on the cover of the program but you are not limited to putting it there. You can virtually place them on any page of a program, card, bookmark or booklet template document. They are sizable so they are big enough to place on a large tabloid booklet without distortion or small enough to fit on a prayer card template.

There are variations in each frame design which allows you room for more creativity. You can embellish it more if you would like but it really isn’t necessary. They are wonderful as a stand alone design or can be mixed with other elements. Even if you use them on a template that has a front and back background image, you can also use them anywhere on the inside of the template.

Some families love our background designs with lots of colors, others are simply looking for a more simple, yet elegant design. This is why we created the flourish designed frames which we feel meets this need. We do plan on expanding this product line which is available for immediate download. You just need to select whether your working from a MAC or a Windows computer.

They look really great on thank you cards. If you already have purchased any of our templates or downloaded a template elsewhere online, you can still use these flourishes to get the job done. Inserting them is pretty straightforward and all it requires is just inserting them inside a text box. From there you are able to size and drag them anywhere within your document.

They work very similar to our elegant titles. Elegant flourish frames are the best thing since sliced bread!

Let me know how you plan on using them by comment below! To Your Success!

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