Honoring With Memorial Candles

Mar 23rd 2018

Honoring a memory with a memorial candle is the perfect tribute you can do for a loved one whenever you like. It’s a known fact that when you light a candle, it signifies something special such as a memory or need in one’s life.

When you light a candle for a loved one, it means you are thinking of them and remembering their life and all they have meant to you. It is a form of tribute and one families do as a ritual or practice whether it is on a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual basis.

The Funeral Program Site offers four different kinds of memorial candles. We offer pillar candles, glass candles, LED candles, and our recent new addition, votive candles. All products are available for personalization and can add a photo of your loved one, except the votives.

The pillar wax candles are unscented and are a great item to display at the ceremony or wake visitation. We embed a photo of your loved one inside the wax. When burned properly, it will preserve the outside photo.

The glass candles are a container that stands 6” tall and is wrapped with a gloss UV coated wrapper that contains the photo and background image. Glass candle containers include the wax candle that sits inside and can be replaced when its finished its use. The LED candles are a great one if you want to go flameless. This is a battery operated candle that has an automatic shutoff. It also has a pleasant vanilla scent and is one of the best looking flameless candles on the market.

The votive candles are our newest product in the memorial photo candle category. These little gems are a wonderful keepsake which you can use as a favor. You are not able to place a photo on these votive holders because of the smaller size but we are able to customize up to 3 lines of text. They come in a large array of background patterns in all the colors you can think of.

Families have used our candles to purchase for all immediate family members while others find it something they want to distribute to everyone who comes to the service. All order are always shipped within 24 hours after the order has been placed with your choice of 1, 2, or 3 day shipping.

If your a business, consider selling these for a great addition to your existing product line. We do offer volume discounts and wholesale opportunities for selected items we manufacture. You can purchase one of each type to display as a sample and show your customers what they are able to purchase from your shop.

Candles create a great ambience to any room or decor. It promotes a soothing type of glow and has been proven to soothe the spirit. This is probably why churches often have candles in their worship center. Everyone loves a candle especially if it also has a beloved photo on the front of it.

Once you order one, you’ll be able to see why this has been a popular item in our online superstore. We manufacture each candle so we can pass the savings on to you, there is no middleman when you shop at our store!