The Special Graduated Step Fold Program

Mar 23rd 2018

What makes the graduated step fold program special? Many people love the look and presentation of a graduated program as a form of memorial booklet for a loved one. It does have a unique appearance in comparison with the traditional single fold bulletin. Families who like this look are attracted to it because it is unconventional and in turn helps recipients to explore the contents of the program deeper.

The graduated fold typically comes in a letter size paper layout. Although once assembled it is wider in length because of the step folds or tabs that are extended from the right side. There is also a layout for the step program with the graduated tabs on the bottom of the program. This adds another level of uniqueness to the overall presentation. You will be able to find all of these layouts on this website. We specialize in this type of layout and create templates that enable you to be able to achieve this otherwise, difficult layout in easy steps.

There are essentially two styles: the 2-page and the 4-page graduated programs. The 2-page program uses one sheet of letter paper and exposes one tab on the right side. The 4-page program uses two sheets of letter paper and exposes three tabs on the right. The amount of text and photos you plan on including may dictate which style you select.

We have been asked by many families if pages can be added to this layout. We recommend you do not add more pages than what is already created since it can add complexity to the assembly.

Some have also asked if we can graduate larger size papers such as the legal or even tabloid size. Using the legal size paper is doable and will still work but keep in mind, you end up with a more rectangular landscape program once assembled. Because the legal size folded in half is the size of a square, if you start adding tabs to the right side of it by offsetting the fold, the end folded product will be more wider than it is tall.

A tabloid size graduated is not recommended. Because of the large size it will be difficult for the tabs to stay firm or hold up after assembly. It will tend to bend over which really defeats the whole idea of the tabs. We do suggest you print the programs on a 32 lb. or at least a 60 lb. text weight paper. Stay clear of using card stock as it tends to be hard to fold to lay flat and will crack at the folded edge, if a long grain paper is used.

Creating or producing one of these types of programs is not difficult if you employ the use of one of our templates. Make sure you do not widen any of the text boxes contained in the template or the program will not align properly when folded. Other than that, it is a fill-in and insert your photo process. Just replace our filler text with your own information and you are on your way to producing one of the most sought after layouts in the industry!

If your interested in checking out a sampling or see our short info video on this, check it here.