Custom Made Funeral Programs

Custom Made Funeral Programs

Posted by The Funeral Program Site on Jan 14th 2020

Custom made funeral programs are printed memorials that tailor each page and content specifically for an individual. This may include incorporating the overall colors, funeral background theme, a special photo with the original background removed, the funeral program front cover title, meaningful bible verses or memorial poems, and a family photo collage or photos throughout the life of the deceased.

The Funeral Program Site specializes in creating custom funeral programs for anyone who requires help putting together this final printed memorial for a loved one. For us, it isn't about numbers, it's about providing our families the best possible memorial that properly honors their loved one.

Below is an example of one completed  custom funeral program we've designed and printed for a family. The background was chosen and created because they wanted a golden sunset and slight reflection over water. Since the original photo had the water in a blue color, we photoshopped the image so that it only brought out the golden hues of the background and eliminated any blue coloring.

The front cover photo background was removed and placed upon the sunset backdrop so it appears to be seamlessly integrated. In our opinion, this is what makes a funeral program really have that custom look. It does take time to remove a background from a photo but the end results are worth it.

A script font was chosen for the main heading titles and front page. Be careful not to use a script font that is hard to read but rather one that is cursive but still legible. This funeral program is an 12-sided layout which means it will print on 3 sheets front and back for a funeral booklet style presentation. We've added a "watermark" or transparent image of the subject behind the order of service and one of the obituary pages which adds a really nice custom touch.

The family had many photos they wanted throughout the program booklet as well as a photo collage they already made. We included the photos and their pre-made collage tastefully into the program. As you can see the sunset themed background is placed throughout each page for continuity of design. Most programs have a white background on the inside, which is fine if that is the look you're going for, but adding a coordinating background and putting a transparent filter on it makes for consistency.

Take a look at this program for ideas on what you can include. You can certainly accomplish this with any of our ready-made, DIY funeral program templates or give us a call and we'll create one for you! Printing with us is optional and you can still take it locally to get printed if your timeframe is tight. You can also use our preprinted  funeral program paper for another idea of a cost effective savings with your printing.

You can view this program and many more in our  funeral program sample library.