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Do not cry for me when I must go, for heaven waits for me. I got here fine and oh it is grand, there is so much here to see. The Father met me at the gate while you watched me wilt and die. You could not see but all around were angels by your side.

They told me when I go they would care for you. With my body in such pain it was all that I could do. I told you before I left I didn’t want to die, but I hae never been so happy. Don’t see it as good-bye.

I have no more pain and the love here is great. I got a brand new body when I walked through the gate. So do not weep any more for God is holding my hand, and when you close you eyes to sleep and reach the promise land, I will meet you at the gate when the Father guides you through. Until I see you once again, remember “I Love You.”

–Colleen Smith
"Entangled Within the Nature of Things"