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Death is just a part of life that everyone must see,
I’ve tackled sorrow, aches and pain, 
I’ll tackle this with glee,
Death is just a word 
we use for coming to an end,
For explaining to a relative or very special friend,
Death is just reward I seek for living a long good life,
Of joys and pleasures, ups and downs, 
of trouble and of strife,
Death is just a way of saying 
my strength has almost gone,
I’m feeling tired, can’t get inspired, 
it is time to move on,
Death is just a concluding phase 
that shows me how to go, 
And cherish all the memories 
of the people that I know,       
Death is just a final show 
we all must celebrate,
The curtain is about to fall 
I don’t want to be late,
Death is just a chapter 
that’s included in the prose,                 
All pages have been written, 
so my story has to close.

From ‘Look at life’ by Mel

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