Sample of 4 Sided Graduated Fold Funeral Program

This case study where provides the details of every page or side of the 4 sided graduated or offset fold funeral program. This layout is available in letter, legal or tabloid size 4 sided graduated funeral program template. The larger you size up, the more content it can contain. We do not recommend adding pages to this layout. It comes pre-formatted on one sheet, printed front and back for a 4 sided completed program.

Case Study

This program design was created from our "Elegance" 4 Sided Graduated Program. The only photo that appears on this program is on the front cover. Everything within this program is text and information. This layout offers one tab on the right side which is revealed in an offset fold. You can place any name or text in a vertical manner.

Front Cover

The front cover provides the name of the loved one in a similar script as the title which reads "In Loving Remembrance". This title can be changed within our template by creating your own text box in its place and using fonts installed on your computer. The date of the service and church information is also provided beneath the date of birth and death of death. The photo submitted is contained within an oval frame with a black outline around it to coordinate with the dark areas within the background design.

Inside Left

The content provided on the inside left page is a special poem the family chose. The title coordinates with the cover fonts throughout the program. This design provides a horizontal line on both inside pages to separate the title of the content from the body. The text is set on a white background or the color of the paper for a clean presentation.

Inside Right

The content provided on this page is the order of service information. The item and speaker or presenter are separated by dots to differentiate the event and the speaker. The red vertical box is the tab color as seen from the folded front view and reveals the loved one's first, middle and last name in a vertical format in a coordinating legible script font.

Back Page

The background for the back cover page coordinates with the red roses and white pearls theme on the cover. There is a transparent overlay box set beneath the text area so your text can be properly seen above the floral background. Since this was a traditional burial, the pallbearers (both active and honorary) are noted within the text as well as a family acknowledgement, location of the resting place (interment) and location of the reception (repast). The funeral home is also listed as providing services for the final arrangements.

Print & Assembly

This presentation is a full-bleed, edge-to-edge printing, accomplished by using a "borderless" printer or trimming the white borders off. This can be achieved by any professional printer or you can choose to print it as is which will have a 1/8" white border all the way around the perimeter of the printed sheet. Once printed, you can fold it from left to right until the red block with name tab is reveal on the side.

Our "Elegance" background design template is available for purchase here or you can view our large variety of other background designs in this similar 4 sided graduated program layout. If you love this background design. You can also choose to add embellishment funeral clipart and images if desired.