Flameless LED Memorial Candles

Flameless Memorial Candles Personalized With Photo For A Lighted Memorial

Our lovely collection of memorial flameless candles are among the best in the world because of our designs and the technique we've perfected to imprint directly onto the exterior wax surface. A flameless memorial candle is a great way to light a memory on a special date, death anniversary or during the memorial service. Flameless candles are great because they are safe and offer an automatic timer for shutoff. Lighting a blank candle is special but when you add your loved one's photo, name and dates, it makes it personal and extra special.

Our exclusive collection of LED, unscented, flameless candles are a soft white color and gives a flickering light for the peaceful glow of a real lighted candle!  You won't find a sticker on our candles because our lovely artwork is printed right on the candle body's wax surface. Our artwork along with your personalized text is printed in full color which offers a front and a special memorial quote on the back design. Light this candle for a loved one who recently passed, a death anniversary or anytime throughout the year to commemorate a memory.