bible verses are scriptures that encourage the heart and soul of a believer in Jesus Christ. It contains words that are related to a death, grief, struggle, heaven, and/or sadness. It is a common practice for many Christians to turn to the bible for comfort and to gain spiritual strength during a particularly difficult time. A loss of a loved one is one of those tragic events in a life and many find it hard to cope through it. It can end up being a long process of recovery. The bible is a way that God speaks to the reader in a supernatural way that is hard to scientifically explain but resonates to the core of the person. The bible is filled with so many bible references that range through all the emotions a human experiences. Death is a hard thing to go through and the bible provides passages perfect for the grieving soul.

Types of Funeral Bible Verses

There are literally thousands upon thousands of verses found in scripture. Verses specific to death can be found throughout the Old and New Testament. There are many that speak of a loved one dying and what happens after death. A specific verse about a death is referred to in parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus. Here we see a beggar named Lazarus died and was carried away by angels to heaven. This illustrates what happens to our body immediately after death. This example gives a comfort to the bereaved because they know that their loved one is now in a far better place. A place where there is no more sorrow, pain or tears. 

The other popular funeral verse that speaks about our destination after death is found in the New Testament, 2 Corinthians 5:8 which reads “...absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.” This sums it up very simply and in a comprehensive language anyone can understand. It is a direct verse that says when our soul is no longer in the body, it is right with the Lord. This scripture is very commonly used at funerals and you will find it etched on a headstone, printed memorial, and even words of encouragement from the pastor. It is one of those verses that is short but contains so much meaning within it.

To many, death is an unknown which can provoke feelings of fear and depression. Fearing the unknown is a natural human emotion so when the bible sheds light on life after death, it can bring relief and peace within the human heart.

The second type of funeral bible verse that is often used in a death are those relating to comfort and encouragement. It targets the grieving and sadness from a loved one’s passing. They are emotionally related scriptures that talk about trusting in God, the hope we have in Him no matter what we may go through in this life, and how the Lord lifts us up in our darkest hours. This type of scripture hits the emotions we typically experience through grief and loss. Some emotions include crying, depression, anger, confusion, and fear.

Believe or not, there is a verse for every emotion a human feels and the best encouragement is that God knows exactly what we are going through because Jesus Himself, experienced them too! The most popular book to find emotions is the book of Psalms. There you will find emotions from joy to depression and read about what the author experienced, his demeanor and how it got through it all. This is important because it shows the progression we go through. Many times, the switch is not instantaneous but rather happens in stages. This is very similar to the steps or stages of grief we walk through as we heal. Some emotions take longer than others to work through, while others can be within a few days. Death of a loved one is one that requires a process so patience is an important trait we will need to practice as we experience each step.

The third part are the verses that pertain to encouragement and strength. These are specific scriptures that talk about where our strength comes from during a hard time, the purpose of suffering and who are hope is, and why. They are gentle reminders to believers to endure and that God has a purpose for everything even though we may not see it clearly at the moment we’re experiencing such tragedy. Perhaps there was a favorite bible verse that your loved one clung to or considered their life verse. This is certainly appropriate to include even if it doesn't fall with a scripture that relates to death. If it was special and meaningful to the deceased in some form or fashion, than it certainly should be included in their final celebration of life service.

Funeral bible verses can be printed inside a funeral program, prayer card, bookmark of anything you distribute as a hand out or small memorial token at the service or wake. It can also be read aloud by a designated family member or clergy. Even if the attendee is not religious or has no church affiliation, it will be appreciated knowing that it was a part of the deceased life and belief.

We've compiled bible verses for your reference and have categorized them into sections for easier navigation. It is important to remember that the bible offers many different versions with some language easier to understand than others. The old King James Version is the most archaic language with the "thees" and thous" while the New Living Translation is a more modern language that is easier to understand. There are many in between these two so choose the one that reads best to you or that your loved one preferred.