Funeral Bulletins

Ready Made Funeral Bulletins - DIY Bifold Templates

Funeral bulletins are printed memorials that are distributed to all attendees in a funeral or memorial service. It highlights a loved one’s life, achievements and biography as well as help attendees with the flow of the order of service. They are traditionally 8.5 by 11 with a center fold but can also be of a larger dimension. Funeral bulletins are created by the family or funeral home in charge of the final arrangements. 

Our funeral bulletins templates can help you create a funeral program quickly and easily. The letter size bulletin is the most widely used in programs distributed at a funeral or memorial service. Measures 11" wide x 8.5 tall; folded directly in half is 5.5" wide by 8.5" tall. It is a popular choice because of the paper size which is easily obtainable. Add more pages, if desired. 

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Ready-Made DIY Templates

Doll Funeral Program Template


A sweet and adorable little program with a youth inspired theme and outdoor landscape accented with a teddy bear and doll beneath the photo frame. The back of the cover continues the children's theme program with white framed content box that is perfect...

Ready-Made DIY Templates

Delight Funeral Program Template


If you need to plan a funeral for a child, our exclusive line of colorful funeral programs for children are a good resource. This child funeral program displays a memorable and delightful outdoor landscape with a colorful rainbow, tree and little puppy...