dreamstime-xxl-16833881.jpgInformation such as childhood, college, career, military service, and community will all be helpful when composing the funeral eulogy. It may also be helpful to view funeral eulogy samples and read up on how to write a eulogy.

After you have collected all the information you need about your loved one, you will need to wrap it up together so that you are able to deliver it in a speech. This may be a little challenging at first, but once you have prepared the eulogy structure, you will be able to relax knowing that the most challenging part has passed.

Even if you are an experienced writer or public speaker and are able to deliver speeches from a few notes or off the cuff, it is always better to have the text written out. It is especially important during this time since it is a highly emotional time for everyone.

Having written notes will also give you a sense of confidence having it with you in the event you forget or lose your train of thought. It is perfectly acceptable to read directly from your notes during a eulogy. You do not have to memorize it or present it without glancing at your notes.

Having written notes during a eulogy can also help you in the timing. In some formal religious funeral services, you may be given a certain length of time to deliver the eulogy. By practicing and reading your notes, you can time it to see the approximate length from start to finish.

The attendees will be accepting and compassionate as they hear you deliver the eulogy for your loved one. If you have a hard time speaking in front of people or get emotional and are unable to finish the eulogy, step down and give your notes to the officiant or a backup person who may be able to finish for you.

Remember, the attendees will understand. As long as the words that you wrote in tribute to your loved one are read and heard, that is all that matters. Also consider placing the eulogy information such as who the presenter will be within the funeral program of the service. This will help guide funeral attendees along in the order of the service.

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