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funeral.flower.etiquette.jpgWhen a friend, a colleague or someone close to your heart passes away, sending a flower is the natural thing to do. There are no rules, no right or wrong funeral flowers to send yet there are guidelines that you can check to help you make a decision about the right type or kind of funeral flower to send. We call it funeral flower etiquette.

Funeral Flower Etiquettes that You Should be Aware Of

Sending funeral flowers seems easy when in truth, it is not a simple task. When you send a funeral flower, it speaks your mind and sentiments such as wanting to offer comfort, an offer of support, and a token of respect to the deceased. Here are funeral etiquettes that you should consider when choosing funeral flowers to send.

  1. When to send funeral flowers – make sure to have your florist or chosen flower shop deliver it before the funeral takes place (or cremation if the deceased is to be cremated). Though most flower shops offer same-day delivery, you shouldn’t take the risk of delivering a funeral flower after the funeral

  2. Where to send the funeral flower – so you heard that your best friend Jim’s wife died – will you send funeral flower to his place right away? Before doing so, check where the funeral is taking place and direct your florist to send it to the right address

  3. What message to write on a funeral flower – funeral flowers must be addressed to the deceased and comes with short messages such as ‘we love you’ or ‘rest in peace’. You can also send a sympathy card along with the funeral flower and have a funeral poem written into it.

  4. What funeral flower to send – the best flower to send would be the favorite flower of the deceased. If you don’t know about it, you can always go with white ones. Traditional funeral flowers that you can consider are carnations, lilies, roses, and chrysanthemums.

Flower Colors and What It Means

Just like funeral poems and funeral music, flowers also have its own language that gets more meaningful during a funeral. Roses mean love, hope, and new beginnings while lilies represent purity and majesty. Carnation shows devotion and remembrance while Gerbera also means purity and innocence. When choosing a funeral flower, also consider its color. For ever-lasting love, a bouquet of red roses can perfectly convey such message while white roses represent grace and elegance. If you are not familiar with the deceased’s favorite flower, consider his or her age, gender, and background before sending one.

Different designs are also available for funeral flowers. Each design also represents a life of the deceased so be careful when choosing one. If you want to give a tribute, send a casket spray and if you want to show your unending love and devotion to the deceased, a wreath funeral flower will do. You can also send heart-shaped flower to show love and for distant relatives or colleagues, a basket of a funeral flower represents respect and remembrance. Through funeral flowers, you can simply express your love to the deceased and support to the family left behind – this is the unspoken language of funeral flowers.

Why Send Funeral Flowers?

Understanding the language of flowers can be complicated because each type and color means differently. Despite facing the challenge of sending the right funeral flower, remember that beautifully arranged flowers don’t just make the funeral more personal, it can also help the bereaving family in their bereavement process knowing that people send their loves thru a carefully chosen and beautifully arranged funeral flower.

To make your funeral flower more personal, you can request for special tribute funeral flowers. These are funeral flowers arranged specifically to show the deceased’s character or life. Among the popular tribute funeral flowers that you can send are:

  • Child funeral flower – losing a child is a very devastating time for all parents. As the saying goes, there is no word that can describe a parent who lost a child unlike a widow or an orphan. You can ask your florist to make a flower designed as car, guitar or bear for a child funeral flower
  • Military flower – our fallen men on duty deserves the best in everything, including a carefully arranged funeral flower. Most florists have their own designs of military flower such as flag motif and clusters of flower wreaths made of flowers with flag colors

A Funeral Flower and a Beautiful Message

As a funeral flower etiquette, you must always add a message to a funeral flower before sending it to the church or funeral home. A lovely and carefully woven wreath of roses and carnations would mean nothing if the bereaving family wouldn’t even know who send it. Your message doesn’t have to be long and short phrases like ‘sleep peacefully’, ‘gone but never forgotten’, ‘memories of you will last forever’, and forever in our hearts’ are among the most used one. If you are sending a funeral flower to someone so dear, accompanying it with a funeral poem or funeral letter is also advisable.

In general, flowers represent life and growth yet the beauty of carefully woven and arranged funeral flowers can bring comfort and warmth at a funeral or at the home of mourners. It is now a common way among people to show support and love to the deceased and to those who were left behind.