Funeral Flyer Sheets

Letter and Half Size Funeral Flyer Sheets Templates


Funeral flyers are a no fold presentation handout that are distributed at a wake, visitation, funeral or memorial service. It is one sheet of paper printed front and back containing the loved one's photo and pertinent information. The front of the funeral flyer may contain the basic information such as a photo, name, date of birth through date of death and short biography.  The back side leaves more room for text which can include more obituary information, prayers or special poem of remembrance.

This type of printed memorial is presented as a no fold layout and is available in a letter size sheet or half size sheet. This is recommended for those who seek to provide a funeral handout but only need a 2-sided presentation. They can be printed on a heavier weight paper such as a card stock or premium text weight 32 lb. paper.

The Funeral Program Site DIY funeral flyer templates feature our downloadable memorial flyer sheets in two sizes of full letter size or half size. The no fold format provides less assembly time after printing. You can add as more sheets if needed, loose sheets can be stapled together to keep multiple pages in tact, if desired.  A great choice for those seeking a program flyer style layout and a do-it-yourself option. Half size funeral flyer templates are formatted with two per page and must be cut to separate. Don't want to DIY? We have a full service option for you with our funeral flyers design & print service.