State or Geographic Location

Funeral Handouts Program by State or Geographic Location

Funeral handouts are printed memorials that can be presented in various types of layouts. It essentially is a special collection of your loved one's biography, service information and selected photos placed within a printed document that is handed out to all attendees at a funeral or memorial service.

The Funeral Program Site is proud to present our states collection. Each state offers something reminiscent of what you find there, be it a special location, annual event, or flower we've put together a series of collages to gather them all together in a beautiful presentation. An excellent choice for a loved one who's origin is from a particular part of the United States or the world. It can also be a wonderful backdrop choice if it was considered a special or happy place for your loved one.

The collage of places within the state set along the bottom border is integrated seamlessly together with a main backdrop that is representative of the place or state itself. Don't see a background with the location of your choice? Ask us, we're happy to custom create one for you!

Ready-Made DIY Templates

Texas Funeral Program Template


The Funeral Program Site is proud to present our state based Texas design in a DIY funeral template. A landscape backdrop of all things Texas for those who love or have roots within the lone star state.  The front offers a border collage of things...