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Funeral pamphlets are a folded, printed memorial that contains the highlights and order of a funeral or memorial service. It celebrates the life of a loved one by including a biography and photos within its pages. A funeral pamphlet can be as simple as a 4-sided program or can be a multi page funeral booklet, if desired.  

Flowers are often a form of a universal language of love, whether it is sympathy or any other special occasion, it is always a welcome commodity. The beauty of flowers can bring a calming effect and create a sense of peacefulness. The Funeral Program Site offers a lovely assortment of funeral program templates with a floral themed design consisting of various colorful flowers!

A perfect choice for those who appreciated the beauty of florals. Includes elegant word art front cover title which is sizable and removable, if desired.  Create your next funeral pamphlet using any of our do-it-yourself, downloadable template in this category.

Ready-Made DIY Templates

Elegance Funeral Program Template


Lovely red roses and the elegance of sparkling pearls are prominently displayed in this design template. The main colors for this program template are deep red hues. The inside displays a complimentary gradient background design with text overlay boxes...