Ideas For Displaying Funeral Photos photographs in a funeral or memorial service always brings an added special and personalized touch to a service. Photos on display within a funeral or memorial service is a very common way to share and honor a captured moment of your loved one. It personalizes a service and can be shown in a variety of ways at the wake, visitation, ceremony, or grave site.  A special photo can visually bring the memory of the deceased in true light whether its placed on a banner or poster. By personalizing your service in this manner, it gives the surviving family members and all attendees a meaningful celebration of life service. It is up to the family on how many photos they want to share and in what fashion. There is no etiquette as far as how many and where to display them. The main idea behind photos in the service is a visual representation of your loved one.

Memorial Poster or Banner Portrait

Most families like to have a larger photograph on display either sitting upon a table, free standing easel or hanging from the wall or ceiling with grommets. The larger size is the focal point or main photograph that best represent the deceased. You can choose to have a professional photo on display or one that captures what he or she enjoyed doing most. Typically, the photo is just the deceased and is a solo portrait. Posters are printed on paper, vinyl or canvas material. Banners are mainly printed on a canvas or vinyl backing because the banners tend to be larger in width, its important to have them on a sturdier material than paper. The banners can be mounted on the wall or hanging down from the ceiling. You may or may not decide to have any wording alongside of the photo. Sometimes, the photo alone is all that is needed. One line phrases such as “Forever in our hearts”, the name and dates can also be added for further personalization.

Photo Collages Within Your Funeral Program

Photos collages are best placed within a funeral program or printed memorial that is handed out during the service. Since collages tend to have many photos which include the deceased, family and friends, it is best kept on a printed media. There is no limitation as far as the amount of photos you include but may be dictated by the amount of text you have alongside of it. The larger the program, the more room you have for your collage. The collage page is made of up photographs throughout the years touching side by side in a tile presentation. In this way, you can fit many pictures on one page. If you do not have a lot of photos, you can also customize it by removing the backgrounds of some special highlighted photos and setting it as the main focal point of the page. This provides a more orderly way to present your collage of photos and share them with all attendees within a format they are able to take with them.

Poster or Memory Board

A poster or memory board can be made out of foam or MDF material. It is stiff, harder and thicker so you are able to adhere you photos. If you are making your own, you can cover it with a black material so your photos will be enhanced and highlighted set up against the darker backdrop. You can also paint it a darker color to ensure your photos pop. This format is similar to a scrapbook presentation where you can create and arrange your photos in any kind of overlapping or orientation you like. There is no right or wrong way here and you can scatter your photos in no particular order. You can arrange them in some kind of order if you wish. You will need to print out your photos on a card stock or stiffer paper and can use double sided tape to adhere it to the board or you can also use thumbtacks to secure them. It is more of a one time sharing of photos since at the end of the service, the photos are brought home by the family. Your attendees can take a photo of the board if they like but are not able to take anything home with them as in the funeral program collage. A memory board is another form of media you can use to make a spread of photos throughout the years

Memorial Candles

In loving memory candles have come a long way since lighting a plain white candle for the service. Although this is still a nice touch, memorial candles with a photo are now possible with your submitted photo printed directly onto the wax material. Companies such as The Funeral Program Site offer this special technique using equipment especially for printing on wax surfaces. Candles with your loved one’s photo can be added to a memory table or set beside the memorial guest book for a lighted memorial. The front of the candle offers your personalized text and photo and the back is imprinted with a special memorial poem. There are a variety of backdrop designs that will compliment your submitted photo. The candles can come in any form or shape, from pillar wax, glass to LED votives! The larger candles can contain your photos with the smaller ones, containing personalized text. It is a beautiful tribute which can be kept year round and lighted on a death anniversary, birthday for a loving tribute.

In Loving Memory Apparel

Memorial photos can be found on more than printed materials nowadays. You can add special photos on in loving memory t-shirts which is a unique and loving tribute to your loved one. Comfort scarfs wrapped in love provide multiple photos on a fleece or silk scarf which can be worn by men or women. Neck ties can be adorned with a loved one’s photo as well as caps and accessories such as bags and totes! You are only limited by your imagination. Not all companies provide these types of photo memorials on apparel. The Funeral Program Site is the only company that offers a one stop source for printed and matching memorial products. Their assortment of products grow daily so there is always something new to see! The type of apparel will vary on the amount of photos you will be able to have. The colors are vibrant and non-fading which means it will wear to the length of the garment. They are washed as you would normally wash regular items and will not shrink for an everlasting memorial and beloved item to wear daily or on special days of remembrance.

Photo Jewelry

Photo jewelry is the hottest trend in memorial products. Who wouldn't want to wear a piece of silver or gold adorned with a loved one's photo? It is a cherished item and one that is catching on by more and more families. Jewelry items such as rings, pendants, and even earrings can all be worn during the funeral or memorial ceremony. It can also be worn on special occasions throughout the year for a fitting tribute. Wearing a photo of a loved one is a sign of remembrance and a loving form of tribute. Photos can now be placed on any time of memorial product by a skilled and established company. The technique certainly is not an easy one in order to give your photo a proper display, so be sure to see actual photographs of work or call and ask for one!