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Funeral Planning Arrangements


When your planning a funeral, we may not always be prepared to know all the details and planning process that is necessary to put together a memorial service.

Where Do I Start?

Funeral Preplanning
The Memorial Society
First Steps in Funeral Planning
Planning a Low Cost Funeral 

How to Plan A Funeral
The Death Announcement
Funeral Costs and Expenses
General Funeral Expenses
Funeral or Burial Insurance
Funeral Flowers
Writing Death Notices
How To Choose a Funeral Home


The Funeral Home

The Role of the Funeral Home
Funeral Service Director
Funeral or Memorial?
What is a Funeral Wake?
The Funeral Casket
Body Embalming



Funeral Obituary

The Funeral Obituary
Sample Funeral Obituary
Writing a Newspaper Obituary

Thank You Cards

Writing Thank You Cards
Thank You Card Wording
Condolence Messages

Funeral Poems

Poems About Death
Best Poems For Funerals
Poems for Mom
Poems for Dad
Poems for a Baby or Child

Memorial Death Sayings & Quotes

Commital Prayers/Scripture
Funeral Tribute Examples

Funeral Service Eulogy

How to Write a Eulogy
Sample Funeral Eulogy
Notes on Delivering a Eulogy


Church Resolutions

What Is a Church Resolution?
Example of a Church Resolution


Funeral Verses & Prayers

In Loving Memory Verses
Bible Scriptures for Funerals
Memorial Death Sayings
Christian Funeral Prayers
Best Bible Verses for Funerals
Psalm 23 Versions


Funeral Songs

Funeral Hymns
Funeral Music Videos
Funeral Music
Top Funeral Songs

Types of Funeral Services

Military Funeral Services
Catholic Funeral Services
The Catholic Funeral Mass
Christian Funeral Services
Mormon Funeral Services
Humanist Funeral Services
Jewish Funeral Services
Green Burials/Funerals
Service of Thanksgiving
Homegoing Service Celebration

Burial or Cremation

Choosing Cremation
Traditional Burial
Body Embalming
Organ Donations
Before Cremation
Cremation Processing
After the Cremation

Additional Resources

Funeral Professional Organizations
Funeral Consumer's Alliance
Funeral Resources

Other Related Articles

Funeral Etiquette
Types of Funeral Flowers
Memorial Gifts
Qualities of a Funeral Professional
Funeral Trends and Traditions
Funeral Tribute Examples
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