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Memorial Keepsake Gifts

memorial giftsMemorial keepsake gifts are a thoughtful way to have items available for guests to take home after a funeral. There are several idea products that can be customized to include information about the deceased in a remembrance of their life. Keepsake gifts are slightly different from customized memory guest books and funeral plaques; they are designed to be brought back home after the funeral for the guests and not just for the family members.

They are inexpensive ways to show the beauty of the life lived and to pay tribute to a life lost. They are nice to use as complements to a funeral. Many funeral goers find a sense of peace and comfort in bringing home a keepsake reminder of the person they loved and lost. As customizable as these can be, they never have to feel generic. Each memorial keepsake gift can be precisely designed to help the people left behind deal with their feelings.

Holding on to these types of memorials can give future generations an easier method of finding their lost generations, their legacy.

Plantable Seed Cards for Green Living Funerals
A great organic and green living idea for memorials include plantable seed cards. These can be embossed with quotes, a picture, or a mini bio of the deceased. The entire card is able to be planted, giving a living reminder of the person. These are nice keepsakes for its longevity and its dual-purpose of showing life in the wake of a death. These are infused with a wildflower seed and special growing medium so that the entire card is completely biodegradable and able to return to the earth as the ultimate in green living. These are especially poignant for those people who lived their life in a responsible environmentally conscious way.

Memorial Fans for Cultural Significance
Fans with a picture, mini bio, and other items that signify the deceased are a staple in many southern funerals. There are some old churches that still do not have air conditioning and use memorial fans as a dual item of keeping the guests cooler and serving as a keepsake reminder. These are usually slightly larger than a spread-out hand and can come either pre-assembled or as a do-it-yourself assembly. Fans are double sided and can have different items on each side or the same on both sides, completely up to the individual who designs it.

Photo Candles for Memory
Another dual purpose gift, these type of memory candles are embossed with the deceased's picture or other item that goes to memorialize the life of the deceased. Photo candles are nice to take home and use, especially those who light a candle as a memory. These can come in a variety of different looks and styles, from glass candles, flameless, to tall pillar candles.

Programs and Cards as Reminders
Single flat cards and dual- or triple-fold programs are a nice way to formalize the entire funeral program. Have a reminder of all the music, speakers, and items that were part of the funeral as well as a picture, small bio, quotes, or other inspirational items from their lives. Programs are great for keepsake books or for those who scrapbook their important life events.

Memorial keepsake gifts have been studied and shown to help comfort those grieving a loss and are good for providing a take-home memory of the funeral and the life of the individual who passed on. These are just a few of the memorial keepsakes available, always ask to see what others they may have to provide.