God, you are the Gardener, gently cultivating 
the soil of our lives. Through your Spirit, 
we receive the gifts of water and light and life. 
Thank you for all you give to us, for our 
families, and our friends, and life 
and love. Nurture us gently in this time. 
Nurture us with your grace so that 
we may feel your comforting presence. 
Fill our hearts at this time. Fill us 
with a gentle gift of your love and mercy. 
Reach deep into our spirits with your 
amazing Spirit and guide our living 
with a steady strength and assurance. 
May your Spirit be a compass pointing 
us through these weary moments of sadness. 
Keep pointing us forward so that we may pass 
through this painful time and move into a 
new time, filled with wholeness and new life. 
May we be gentle and forgiving as you are to us, 
O God. And may your grace and love surround 
us with your comforting help and presence. May 
the pain and ache of death be gently 
brushed away through your great Spirit; 
through the healing love of Jesus Christ, we pray.