Let us always remember that Christ comes to us with life and love, filling us 
with hope. Christ comes joyfully, entering our lives, filling us with grace and 
renewal. Go forward knowing that Christ Jesus goes with us, always leading, 
caring, forgiving, loving. 

Holy God, we do live in the joy and wonder of your love. However, we find it so easy 
to be in disagreements. We take each other so much for granted. So often we are 
tempted to cut the ropes of love that bind us together. Other times we take life 
and each other too much for granted. Help us, Lord, now, here today in the 
presence of death to renew our faith in you and restore our love of each other 
with the powerful cords of compassion. Also, O Lord, remind us of the joys and 
beauties of being alive; in Christ. Amen.