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When the storms of life rage all around us, 
dear Lord, may your great Spirit 
steady us. We know the power of the wind; 
Katrina has taught us well. Remind us that 
there are many Katrinas all about and around us. 
Help us always to stay steady in the storm. 
Lord, help us also to remember that when 
the storms do come, many suffer. 
Show us ways to respond to those in need. 
Remind us, too, that those who suffer 
from the storms the most are always 
the.poor.and.oppressed. And even more, 
Lord, there are other storms in life. 
When a loved one and dear friend has died, 
storms of sorrow and heartache flood our emotions. 
Deep and profound loss overwhelms us, 
and we become numb, empty and paralyzed. 
This is such a moment, O God. 
The storm of death has overcome us. Help 
us, send your comforting Spirit to us now; 
in the name of Jesus, who is our 
healer and comforter. Amen.