Gentle Shepherd, may we feel your 
presence here with us. As we remember 
the life of [Name], our hearts are filled with 
sadness and sorrow, but also joy 
and reverence. We are thankful for all 
the good and happy memories. For 
those good and wondrous times and 
memories, God, we give you thanks. 
Sustain us and nurture us now with 
your comforting Spirit so that we will 
not be overwhelmed with sorrow. 
Help us to look forward with hope. 
Remind us that as the days go on, 
many more joyous memories will warm 
our hearts. Comforting God, we pray that 
you would surround the family of [Name] 
with your powerful yet gentle compassion. 
Help us also in this time of worship and 
remembrance to be thankful for the life of 
the one we honor today. All this we pray in 
the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.