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Faithful God, by your strong hand, 
we are led through the dark valleys of life 
and, too, we are kept safe in the security 
of your eternal love. You comfort and rescue 
us in Jesus Christ. You lead us on to your 
Promised Land. We praise you for every 
redemptive blessing we receive through your 
grace and mercy. We thank you for all your 
love and care and for the life of [Name]. 
Though in death we are no longer face to face, 
Lord God, in your great mercy our loved one 
is so very near in our thoughts, memories, and in our 
hearts. Even death cannot destroy what has been. 
The deep fondness of loving memories sustain us now
and will do so in the days ahead. Even death cannot destroy 
photographs and videos and pictures and recordings. 
These all will be cherished as the days go on. 
And our loved one’s example of faithfulness 
and life will forever be imprinted upon our hearts 
and lives. Eternal God, we are thankful. Amen.