Funeral Program Clipart Images

Funeral Program Clip Art and Graphics

Funeral program clipart is a funeral related graphic image or illustration that can be used within a printed memorial. They may consist of flowers, faith based crosses, dove or butterflies to name a few. The funeral program clipart can be easily inserted into any funeral program template to embellish it or further decorate the overall presentation.

The Funeral Program Site offers a great selection of funeral or memorial related clipart ready to insert into any of our templates! All clipart offers a transparent background so you can place it on top of any white, textured, or colored background. Great to add on any page for a lovely accent.

Available for immediate download and ready to adorn any printed document or funeral paper

Ready-Made DIY Templates

Bethany Cross Funeral Clip Art


Lovely white lilies line the front of this golden cross which makes for a great addition to any design or layout. This is a perfect illustration vector image to place on the cover or inside any document or template. The illustration is set against a...