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Funeral Program Cover

funeral program cover


View our "Sparkle" template which has a beautiful funeral program cover


Because the funeral program highlights and pays tribute to the deceased, it should be special in appearance. After all, it is a known fact that family members and funeral attendees will keep and treasure the funeral program for years after the funeral service.

An obituary or bio and photographs throughout a life can be included in the funeral program. The program should reflect the personality of the deceased or the area or location of where he lived. For example, someone who lived in Florida for most of their life may select a funeral program cover design with a beach or tropical theme.

There are many creative designs for funeral programs that range from a simple colored background to actual landscape or outdoor scenery. Other after-life related designs show stairs to heaven, a gate, and cloud imagery. The floral themed templates present flower motifs in a colorful and lively fashion. The background to your loved one's photo consists of these scenes. You

You can select a photograph you've taken or create a cover by combining several photos together or your own abstract design. Designs are normally created within a photo editing software and then imported into the template application. The funeral program cover is essentially an important element of the program since it is the first impression people will see.

Imagination is the limit, as a funeral program cover can be whatever it is that you want it to be. Through the funeral program is designed, it should not take away the significance of the life of the deceased. Emphasis on the deceased is enhanced through the program's design.

There are many other aspects involved with the arrangement of a funeral service, thus lack of time or creativity for a program cover is perfectly understandable. It's always a good idea to delegate these types of task to a family member of friend, if you are able.


A funeral program template saves time in the creative process and allows you to have more control over the program's content, and the ability to print at home, instead of expensive commercial printing services.

Time savers are a real help during the funeral planning since time is of the essence and usually are allotted a short window for planning. The Funerl Program Site provides wonderful program examples and samples of funeral program cover designs. You can purchase our templates or gleam ideas on what type of cover you may want to create for your loved one.

Our templates not only provide you with a front cover but also a matching back and inside page in full color, as well. It's important to have a nice cover design but to provide a more complete presentation, we provide a coordinating back design and inside pages. Browse our programs for our latest collection.