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Sample of Simple Funeral Program Booklet With Collage Pages

This funeral booklet is a letter size, folded in half presentation. It is a total 8 sides or 2 sheets printed front and back. It provides a multi 3-page collage of photos. The photos are presented in a good size so it was not displayed too small and appeared crammed. This booklet does show a white border around each page. Some pages the white border does not show because of the white background on the page. The design was not created from a template and was custom made per the family's wishes. 

Case Study

The family expressed their desire to have a simple background, nothing with much color and something very soft in a grayscale. They also wanted an image with leaves on a tree or branches. We designed this backdrop of the leaves closeup with some branches and created a gray hue to the original color background. We also brought down the transparency so it is a softer arrangement. The family also wanted to include photographs in a collage on several pages.

Front Cover

Our simple black & white front cover background with a color photo of deceased set in front of it makes an amazing highlight to his main picture. The background for the entire program is done in black/white with only the photos in color. The main photo is outlined with a light gray frame. The only color portion of the cover is the photo itself, thereby giving the eye more attention to his portrait. Text includes the title and his full name and dates. Beneath his photo is the service date and location.

Page 2 - Inside Left

This page contains the deceased obituary submitted by the family. No accompanying photo is displayed and is an all text page. Even when a page is all text, it should still appear attractive and beautiful. A good designer can make a page of text look great without having to add clipart or images. 

Page 3 - Inside Right

This page contains the celebration of life order of service information. Again this page is text heavy and does not contain any images. There is a perfect display of bolded and capitalized text added where it needs to catch the eye. Each order provides the name of the speaker or presenter. The top of the order of service is a favorite scripture and the officiant's name. Because page 2 and 3 include all text, it is even more important that the typesetting be done in a professional layout otherwise messy text on 2 pages together can be difficult to read.

Pages 4 - 7

This page contains each family member's tribute to their loved one. A short paragraph is personally written with the name of its submitter. A loving tribute is a short goodbye or last words they wish to say to their loved one that may not have been said before his passing. The following pages 5-7 are the full color photo collages. Each photo was meticulously placed together without stretching or distorting it in any way. We try to preserve the integrity of the original photo as much as possible. Photos were cropped as needed and pieced together by placing them side by side without any spacing to form the collage page.  

This was a custom designed program using a single fold letter-size template. Interested in this type of program? We can customize it for you! You can achieve this with any of our single fold funeral program templates. The background images can be removed for a simple presentation. This can be printed in all black and white, or a combination of color and black and white. This is also an example of how you can add collages into any one of our templates. If you like the background in this example, call us to order yours in a downloadable template format.

Back Cover

The background is simple, there is none! We used the white background and placed the remaining text on the top to keep the simple theme flowing throughout the booklet. When you do this and set the text properly, it is highlighted and looks beautiful up against the white backdrop. A family gratitude acknowledgement is written along with the traditional burial information such as active and honorary pallbearers. 

At The Funeral Program Site, our goal is to provide you with funeral program templates and designs so that you can create a memorable service that honors the deceased. Our programs can be kept as a keepsake for friends and family as a celebration of a life lived. If you have a design in mind and do not see it already created within our large inventory of DIY templates, contact us and we'll be happy to make your vision a reality.