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BiFold Funeral Program Sample With No Photo

This case study where provides the details of every page or side of the 4 sided center fold or bifold funeral program sample. This layout presented here is a letter size program. This is available in larger sizes which you can view samples of in their respective Inspiration Library category. The program template for our letter size programs comes pre-formatted on one sheet, printed front and back for a 4 sided completed program. We carry a large assortment of ready made funeral templates.

Case Study

This program was created from our "Graceful" Funeral Program Template and contains no front cover photo. Of course, any of our templates look great with or without a photo on the cover. The family chose not to display any photos at all on the cover or on the inside pages of the program. This is perfectly an acceptable practice because our background stands on its own while highlighting your text. 

Front Cover

The front cover offers a full color designed background with a soft focus to capture the gracefulness of the waterfall. It includes a front cover title word art which reads "A Celebration of Life". This title can be changed if desired by removing it and adding a text box using your computer's fonts. The deceased name and dates is presented at the bottom. The family wanted to keep the front clear of much text so it doesn't interfere with the background. They felt the loved one's name and date of birth through date of death was enough.

Inside Left

The inside left page is the deceased obituary or life reflections biography with no accompanying photo. You may or may not sign it with a Submitted By the Family at the end of it, that is your preference. The font we used for the entire body of this program was a calligraphy font that had flow and movement to it but was still legible when it was used with much text. 

Inside Right

The funeral order of service is written on this page and was given the title "A Celebration of Life Service" as clearly the family wanted everyone to know this was not a funeral per se, but a service that celebrated the life of their loved one. The information of the service location and officiant are noted at the top prior to the flow of the service information. To the left is the event and adjacent to it is the name of the speaker or person presenting. The family also chose to note the interment on this page after the order of service information.

Back Page

Our lovely Graceful background design spans over to the back cover page with a coordinating look set behind the final text. A softened transparent overlay is set on top so the text can be legible in black writing. A special poem of remembrance is written along with a family acknowledge of thanks to everyone for their love and care during the time of need. The funeral home who was entrusted to the final arrangements is listed with their contact and address.

Print & Assembly

This presentation is a full-bleed, edge-to-edge printing, accomplished by using a "borderless" printer or trimming the white borders off. If you print it on your own home printer, you will need a borderless printer which is only available with inkjet. Laser printers do not have a borderless paper option so you will have an 1/8" white border around the perimeter of the paper sheet. You may trim this off, if desired or leave it as is. The white border looks fine and can appear purposeful because it coordinates with the white in the waterfall. After printing, fold directly in half once.

If you like the background of this design, you can purchase and download the template from our DIY funeral program templates category.