Flipbook Library of Funeral Program Samples and Examples

funeral.program.sample.jpgA funeral program sample can be an invaluable reference when you are getting ready to start creating a printed memorial. Examples can often help us visual the finished product. It can also help to know what kind of text to include within its pages. No doubt, emotions are high from a death which can  mentally paralyze or not motivate us to complete a task in the funeral planning. Most people are under a stressful situation when having to design a program to distribute to all the funeral attendees and its not always easy to get those creative juices flowing during a time of loss. Even if you do this for a living and experience a loss yourself, it can still be a challenge to create a funeral program. If you find yourself in this emotional state, it is best to enlist the help of a friend to complete this task or you may also use a company like The Funeral Program Site which provides you a graphic designer to create and design your program.

There are many different types and styles of samples and example programs. The majority of people keep funeral programs long after a service and some may even have a collection of different ones they've collected over the years. Chances are you may know someone who has done this. If you have hardcopies of previous services you've attended, reviewing them can help generate ideas of what to include or how you want a program to be presented. The program is the only tangible item an attendee leaves with as a memory of the deceased final celebration of life. No one has the heart to throw it away, especially if it contains the biography and cherished photos within the program. So it is kept and when it is looked upon, helps bring memories of the family member or friend who passed and the life they lived. This is one reason it is such an important part of any service. It gives a tangible memorial to funeral attendees of the deceased.

Viewing Funeral Program Samples Online

Another way to view samples of funeral programs is online. Many websites will offer a digital sample but sometimes it may be hard to read on your monitor because of how images are optimized for a webpage. Depending on how the website is coded, it may also be a difficult read when you try and print it out. Good informative sites will have articles relating on what to include inside an order of service or obituary so you won't have to squint to do so on the program sample. Sometimes, there are also zoom tools available to read the content easier. 

Not only are samples of the kind of content available online, but you can also see a sample of the overall design. Sometimes families aren't exactly sure what the final design will end up looking like but have bits and pieces in their head. Some samples can help you to formulate the design in its entirety after viewing other programs. Maybe you like a little from this program, a little from another and want to combine elements of multiple programs. Viewing examples can help you get the idea so that you can then relay it to your designated graphic designer or friend. Remember that all designs are not created equal. Stick to programs that offer clean formatting and a background that does not compete with your content and photos.

You can certainly view samples on a website such as our DIY templates where you are able to view all of our design samples. Viewing our category and display of the front and cover backgrounds is a great place to begin. Samples can give you inspiration or great ideas to customize and create your funeral program project. 

Please view our flip book funeral program inspiration library. Our database is full of programs to get your creative juices flowing in design as well as content information. Ideas on what to include in the text and how to present it will all be found in our library. Check it out today and remember we are here in case you have even more questions.