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A funeral program template is a ready-made file that contains the background and filler text within its content. The filler text can be changed and modified to your specific service information. Funeral program templates are DIY and is a quick and easy way to produce a printed memorial without having to create it from scratch! You an edit them with software you already own such as Microsoft Word, Publisher or Apple Pages. They can be printed on your own home printer, at a local copy shop or submit it to us and we will print it for you!

Funeral Program Templates

The Funeral Program Site offers ready-made, DIY funeral program templates offer the largest selection of easy-to-use, do-it-yourself programs. Our easy-to-use template is easy-to-use, versatile and can be used for any funeral or memorial service. If your looking for great quality designs, backed with our friendly customer support, you've come to the right place! You will receive our friendly customer support, step-by-step video tutorials, FAQs, and extensive questions database with every purchase.  

We want to help you get started on producing a beautiful printed memorial that honors your loved one’s memory. Our ready-made templates are available in various funeral program designs layout to help you create any type of program, card, memorial bookmark, or announcement. Create your own custom funeral programs and add embellishments with our funeral related clip art and elegant word art. We include filler-text to help guide you along which you can tailor to your specific service. Select from our variety of backgrounds and funeral program layout designs to find the perfect background and layout for your loved one. All templates are delivered with an immediate download so you can get started on editing your program right away. Each purchase will include a download of your chosen design in Word, Publisher, Apple Pages and Google Docs! The Funeral Program Site also offers a full, done for you design and print service.

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  • Dream Watercolor Funeral Program Template front back view Dream Watercolor Funeral Program Template inside view Dream Watercolor Funeral Program Template folded front view Dream Watercolor Funeral Program Template folded inside view

    Dream Watercolor Funeral Program Template

    The tranquil setting of this lake front outdoor watercolor painted landscape creates a relaxing and peaceful backdrop for your funeral program. The soft blue hues in the skies are set above overlooking a blue calm lakefront surrounded by green trees...

  • Country Funeral Program Template Country Funeral Program Template inside view

    Country Funeral Program Template

    A lovely country landscape overlooking a field of grass and hay under a clear blue sky accented by puffy white clouds sets the mood for this outdoor midwestern inspired design.  The back of the funeral program offers a coordinating colored...

  • Cornfield Funeral Program Template Cornfield Funeral Program Template inside view

    Cornfield Funeral Program Template

    This funeral program template design offers an outdoor midwestern theme with rows of cornfield under a clear blue sky. The back continues the design with transparent overlay to contain your personalized text. The main colors for this funeral template are...

  • Farm Funeral Program Template Farm Funeral Program Template inside view

    Farm Funeral Program Template

    This outdoor designed template is a great design for the farmer or those who lived in the midwest. The front and back of this design displays a farm with tractor tilling the land under rays of light from a beautiful sky above. The main colors for this...

  • Destiny Funeral Program Template Destiny Funeral Program Template inside view

    Destiny Funeral Program Template

    This program has hints of a star filled sky and valley that illustrates the destiny we all reach in life's journey. Your loved one’s photo will be highlighted and displayed in a rectangular or oval frame on the front cover. The back of the cover...

  • Autumn Funeral Program Template Autumn Funeral Program Template inside view

    Autumn Funeral Program Template

    Beautiful autumn leaves line the top and bottom of this lovely and eloquent program template. The back of the funeral program continues with coordinating background design with transparent overlay perfect for a poem or short obituary/biography. The main...

6 of 6 Items