Funeral Programs Online

Funeral Programs Online

Posted by Admin on Dec 29th 2018

Digital Downloads From Funeral Programs Online

Searching the internet for a ready-made template file sometimes will require a little time to find the right supplier. It's crazy how crowded the internet has gotten, with everybody selling some kind of thing, how do you know who is legit and what is a rip-off?

What to look for with scams

Personally, I've fallen victim to internet fraud. It never ceases to amaze me how they think of such things in getting people to enter their credit card information only to let them be part of a scam. Well, during a time of loss this is the absolute last thing you want to be dealing with. Some issues that may come up is not getting your download link immediately after purchase. So then you have to take the extra step to contact the company and hope you get a hold of someone. Most home based or scam companies do not pickup right when you call so you will be fortunate if they call you back at all or right away. 

This is why we recommend finding a company that has a store front or brick and mortar because these are legitimate businesses that are held to a higher standard since they operate as an online retailer and walk-in store. How do you know if they have a brick and mortar store? Check out their address on the contact us page or read their about us. You can verify if they are in a commercial location or not by going to google maps and typing in their address. Also make sure that they provide videos, faqs,  knowledgebase of Q&A, as well as phone support. If you have time, check out their social media and see actual photos of programs printed from the templates they offer. Remember, most web shots are photoshopped so it will look perfect but the proof is when its printed. 

Before downloading a DIY funeral program, make sure you have the proper editing software installed on your computer. Most online retailers do not provide refunds after a digital purchase due to the nature of the product so be sure you check before you purchase. Make sure you or a helper is comfortable using the software because you may encounter issues along the way depending on what you are trying to do within the template. You will receive "filler text" to help guide you along so you can replace that with your own information, then insert photos as you would like. The best thing to do before purchase is to view the video library so you can see exactly what you are getting. A good resource online will provide you with instructions and  step-by-step tutorials by taking you directly into the template file they sell. By viewing these short videos, you know exactly what you will be getting and there should be no surprises.

The three main software that is used for editing funeral program templates are Apple Pages, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher. It is important to edit a file native to the software your using. Don't be fooled by certain companies who say you can edit a WORD document using another software like Pages. Although yes, you can technically, but should only be done for straight text documents. Template files often contain a mixture of graphics and text so it is more complex than the average text document. Use an Apple PAGES template that ends with .pages and edit it in the Pages software. Do not edit it in WORD or any other software. This will more likely cause you more headaches.

The Full Design and Print Service

Funeral programs online can also be purchased with a full design and print service. You do not have to engage in purchasing a download. Downloading files and editing will require more of you so if you want to have it sent to you all completed and done, you can order funeral programs online that will ship directly to your funeral home or resident.  This is especially helpful if you have too many things on your plate to tackle on the creation of the funeral program, do not have the skills to enter and design it yourself, or are planning the entire service solo. The Funeral Program Site is a trusted company that offers both these options so you can make the decision with the help of a representative who will provide you the pros and cons of each option. 

When you order the programs completed, the only responsibility you have is to send the information, photos and then proof it. The technical aspects such as the layout and designing is left up to the graphic designer assigned to assist you through the process. Once you approve the proof, your program will go into production which means, it will be printed and assembled. You will receive notification once the program has shipped along with the FEDEX tracking number so you can track your shipment. We are with you every step of the way so we do not end communication once your order is finished. You will be contacted with a followup to ensure all is fine and you don't have any further questions.

This is a great choice for those who do not have the time to run around and have the program printed but you do need to plan somewhat ahead due to the transit time. You could opt for overnight shipping but you will need to pay for the extra shipping charge. Some families are okay with that if it means one more thing they do not have to do. So weigh what is best for your family and circumstance and choose the appropriate and most beneficial for your needs.