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Memorial or Funeral Readings For A Faith Based or Secular Service readings can be incorporated into a religious or secular funeral or memorial service. The main focus of a funeral reading is to give insight on the deceased being in a better place, thereby giving comfort to the family. It does not have to be comprised of a lengthy read, it can be as short as a few sentences to several paragraphs. The reading can also be specific to an illness they suffered or pertaining to giving hope to the family members. It should not however be dictating on what they should do or not do. It should be words that speak comfort and encouragement.

If it is a faith based service, readings such as scripture or short stories about God and heaven is an appropriate way to send hope and encouragement to the surviving family members and attendees. The funeral reading does not have to come from a book, it can be written by you, a friend or family member if it is reflective upon the life of the deceased or about death and the after life. 

Secular funeral readings can be anything that is not religious based. If the deceased or even surviving family members do not want a religious service, they may choose to bring in readings from poetry or a read an excerpt from a book on their own beliefs on what happens after death.

We have compiled a collection in our library below specific faith or secular funeral readings. Within our library, you will find prayers that can easily be used as readings within the service or written inside a bulletin handout or prayer card. You may also find comfort in the words presented in each reading as a source of encouragement and reflection. Some are short and others a little lengthier but regardless of how long the reading is, family and friends will respect the words of comfort it can provide.