Died Young

For a Person Who Died At A Young Age ~ Putting Down Roots Isaiah 40:1-8


The Yellowstone is atop a super volcano and two miles below it is a ‘caldera’. A ‘caldera’ is a “hot spot” where molten rocks can be found. This is one hot place to be. On a daily basis, this super volcano causes small earthquakes of up to 2,000 times. These are unnoticeable to people living near Yellowstone. The watchful eyes of a ranger patrolling the area notice it though. He said it causes deviations among the pools and geysers in the area.

The ranger started talking about the trees throughout the park. He said the trees in the area used to be seeds brought by the wind to the park. The seeds saw the park, the warm lake, and the breezy air – and thought, this is a good place to be. They said it is an awesome spot to grow. The seeds then grew as high as ten feet. Their quiet and peaceful surrounding was shaken though by one of the earthquakes. The earthquake woke up a dormant hot pool and the pool started thrusting hot water from above. The hot water from the slope above run down, towards the 10-foot trees and smaller ones. It left scalded and burned and dead trees. It left an effigy of what can happen to something that is in the wrong place at the wrong time. A sad truth that even if you feel comfortable in one place, you can still not be sure of your future.

The ranger added that you should be careful when choosing a place to settle down. if you see a beautiful place that suits you, you can’t expect it to remain beautiful for the rest of your lives. Remember that things change, and change is inevitable.

John Maxwell, a famous philosopher, once said that change is inevitable. Even the earth is constantly changing and moving. Our lives are constantly changing too. It is evolving. If there is a constant thing in this world, that is change.

Change can be good and bad. However, the worst change that can happen to anyone is the sudden absence of someone we love due to death. Nothing can be more upsetting than losing a loved one. It is so painful that you might find yourself asking God, “why?”

Prophet Isiah is giving a warning in Isiah 40. He said a change is coming because the enemies are coming to conquer them. With invasion comes slavery and death. But God is asking someone to “comfort his people.” In this verse, God is also asking his people to stay strong, to put their faith on Him and to start making or preparing a way for the Lord by clearing way for Him. If we will take a closer look at this passage, the message is clear, God wants his people to change their ways and to completely trust Him so that they will continue their journey with Him. It is about walking with God and in God despite the constant changes in our lives.

In verse 6 of Isaiah chapter 40, the prophet Isiah compared the people to the grass, calling them flower of the field. People are like trees, they are placed in this world, to root and to grow. People are vulnerable to changes and there are things that can uproot us or factors that can cause us to wither and die in our faith. These are changes. Death reminds us that we are vulnerable to any changes like those trees in Yellowstone.

Aside from change, there is one thing that we can constantly count on – God! In verse 8 of this passage, it says: “the word of our God will stand forever” and it does. God is forever faithful to His promises. The book of Hebrew has another passage that says so - "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever" (Hebrew 13:8).

Who is the only man who overcame death? It is Jesus. He is the only person who died and rose again from the dead. If we believe in Him, then we should believe that we will also rose again from the dead and live in paradise, the place he prepared for us. His words in Isiah is not just a promise for us, it is also our hope. A hope that soon, we will see our departed loved ones again.

Our life on earth is temporary just like those trees in the park of Yellowstone. They grew tall and healthy and so are we. As our life journey here on earth unfolds, so are the changes that we experience. Some changes are good, some are not, but remember this, in God, we can find comfort. God and His words are the only constant thing in this world. If we will continue to grow in our faith and strengthens our relationship with our God, then we can count on His faithfulness to us. Our relationship with God will help us overcome all the changes in this world, including losing our dear loved ones.

In this world, we must use God’s rich words as our soil. We must plant our roots in his promise and everlasting love. Remember that the only thing that is constant in this world is God’s word and his love for us. In times like today, remember that God will always be there to comfort us through our families and friends.