Who Lived A Happy Life

For a Common Man - A Happy Life Ecclesiastes 3:9-14

common.man.jpgThe writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us to cherish the simple gifts God gives us in this life - to enjoy the fruits of our labor, to eat and drink, to feel satisfied and thankful for all that we are and all that we have. True contentment is living in a home surrounded by the people you love.

Bill understood this principle. He was a man of simple tastes who enjoyed hard work and good food, and who loved his family and God. He was truly content and found satisfaction in all his toil.
For Bill, there was indeed a "time for everything." He relished the routines of life, taking Jean out every Friday night in his meticulously maintained '51 Chevy convertible to a local burger joint. He ordered a bacon cheeseburger and a cherry malt, then always took the long way home to look at the sights around town.

Michelle and Jenny remember the well-planned and well-executed family vacations, during which they'd cook breakfast in the park on a Coleman stove. While Bill was frugal with money, avoiding technological advancements like credit cards, he never was frugal with his love.

Bill loved God and his family with his whole heart. He met Jean right here at First Church, where they were both in the singles group. They were married here and had two wonderful daughters. Jenny and Michelle remember their dad expressing his love by playing with them when they were small. 

Bill always was on the lookout for quiet ways to show his love. When Jenny wanted a guitar that was outside the budget, he found one that had been abandoned and made sure she got it. He proudly spoke about his family to anyone who would listen. These are simple things, quietly done, but they make a lifelong impact. 

At the dinner table, Bill always said the blessing with authority. His routine was to say the Lord's Prayer every night before going to bed. While his spirituality was routine, it had deep purpose, ritual and meaning.

Bill's life echoes the satisfaction that the writer seeks in Ecclesiastes - a life well-lived, leaving behind a wonderful family and good memories. This is the gift of God.