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Sermons For Funerals

These are a collection of funeral sermons that can be used by the pastor or person officiating the ceremony. We have categorized them by specific situations or the type of individual to make it easier to find the sermon that best suits your needs. Scripture references are provided along with each sermon outline. You can personalize each funeral service by replacing the name given in the examples.

Funeral Sermons - Church Member After Long Illness

For a Church Member After a Long Illness
He Still Speaks

Hebrews 11:1-4

Despite the fact that we, as Christians, believe the next life is infinitely better than this one, there's a fear of the unknown because God hasn't given us all the details about what to expect.

Funeral Sermons - For A Person Who Will Be Missed

For a Person Who Will Be Missed
Jesus Never Preached a Funeral Sermon

John 11:1-16, 38-44

Early in his ministry, the great evangelist D.L. Moody reportedly was asked to preach a funeral sermon on short notice. Doing what good preachers do, Moody began scouring the Bible, particularly the Gospels, to find an example of a funeral sermon he might follow. Moody's fast trek through the Scriptures yielded a startling truth:

Funeral Sermons - Person Who Died Young

For a Person Who Died Young
Putting Down Roots

Isaiah 40:1-8

On a recent trip to Yellowstone National Park, my son and I joined a guided walk along a variety of hot pools and geysers. The landscape was smoking, steaming and stark. As we walked, we noticed a clump of dead pine trees in the middle of all those thermal features. The ranger asked, "Why do you suppose those trees are dead or were even growing here in the first place?"

Funeral Sermons - Woman Linchpin of the Family

For a Woman Who Was the Linchpin of the Family
Taming Tigers

1 John 4:18

Yann Martel's novel Life of Pi tells of a teenager named Pi, the sole human survivor of a cargo ship that sinks in the Pacific Ocean. It had been transporting his family and the animals from his family's zoo in India to Canada, where they'd hoped to start a new life.

Funeral Sermon - For A Golfer

For a Golfer
One Hole at a Time

Philippians 3:12-14

One of Dave's great passions, besides his family and his faith, was playing golf. Every Thursday he was on the links playing the game and enjoying the company of friends and, occasionally, his pastor. I loved going around the course with Dave, not only because he was so good at it but also because he wasn't anxious like most golfers.