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grief.loss.quotes.jpgWhy We Send Them

The appeal of reading grief quotes to someone who just lost a loved one is strong. It is reassuring, comforting, and it helps make the loss bearable.

“What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” – Hellen Keller

From these words of Hellen Keller, anyone who reads it will feel comforted knowing that our deceased loved one is not gone but is in our hearts. As she put it, anyone that we loved and cared for becomes part of us and even if they are already gone, whatever they shared with us, their memoirs remain.

Inspiring Grief and Loss Quotes

If you are about to give a eulogy or to write a condolence letter but words are eluding you, you can look up for inspirational grief and loss quotes. Inspirational funeral quotes can help you find the right word to say or write. Proverbs and sayings are the common sources of inspirational quotes like those from Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet and verses from the Bible.

Quotes Honoring the Deceased

Honoring someone who passed away is common. A funeral eulogy is a way to give honor to someone who died. If you are unable to tell your beautiful stories with the deceased, you can do it by reading a quote that honors the deceased. A sample honoring quote would be “Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names” and you can use it as an opening line.

Quotes that Reminds Us How Our Loved Ones Is with Us, Always

‘As long as we live, they too will live, for they are now a part of us, in our hearts, as we remember them.’

Reading or hearing words like this is comforting. As we think of how much we will miss our loved one, their voice, their scent, and their actions – these kinds of grief and loss quotes will remind us that they are just physically away, but their love and memories remain in us.

Quotes that Allows Us to Cry

When grieving, it is normal for you to cry. You cry because you need to release your emotions. It is your way of showing your sadness and loneliness. Some people don’t want to cry because it is a sign of weakness and they don’t want to show that they are weak.

However, reading quotes such as ‘If soap is for the body then tears are for the soul’ and ‘God is closest to those with broken hearts’ will surely make you feel the need to cry without reservation knowing that it is good for your soul and that God is always next to you, supporting you.

Quotes That Says Death Is Inevitable

All of us will face death, some just faced theirs earlier than us. We cannot evade death. These are words that you probably heard many times in funeral services. however, once the deceased is someone you love, these words get harder to understand.

Still, after reading a few quotes that remind us that death is part of our life in this world, it gives us strength and hope of the promise of God, that after our life on earth, we will be together again with our loved ones who died before us.

Quotes that Help Us Moved On

Moving on with your life after a loved one’s death takes time. There is no shortcut to accepting the death of someone you dearly love. However, reading quotes about death and how you should live your life because everyone dies can help you accept such an event with more strength.

‘As long as man lives, the entire world is too small for him. After death, the grave is big enough.’

These quotes remind us that we need to live our lives to the fullest and though it is acceptable to grieve, we should learn to move on too.

Quotes to Make Us Forget Sadness and to Make Us Laugh

For every occasion, there is a right word to say yet even if death is a solemn event, some people find it easier to give words of encouragement by dropping a funny line.

‘If the rich could hire someone else to die for them, the poor would make a wonderful living.’

This line is an example of a quote that you can read in a funeral and it can make you smile. Though some people might find it inappropriate, more people will still find it refreshing to hear some funny quotes about death.

Where to Find Grief Quotes

If you are grieving and you are just finding a way to ease your grieving, you can search the internet for grief and loss quotes. Reading words that other people wrote means that they also felt the same as you, that you are not alone.

Different internet websites such as Pinterest has a lot of beautiful loss and grief quotes that you can read thru. You can also view our funeral word art selection of quotes we've elegantly written with type.

Sending a grief quote to a friend who is mourning is also advisable. If you are lost for words, sending a grieving friend a short grief quote can make them feel your support and love. Even if you are far away, you can send a simple grief quote via email or text or send a condolence card with a grief quote as a message.