Stay Calm, Help Is Here!

The Funeral Program Site® never leaves you high and dry. We exist to support and assist you in any way you need during this time of loss. Sometimes our phone lines get very busy as we like to respect our time on the phone with families. Help on our website is available in as many forms as we can think of. Our extensive FAQ pages, knowledgebase and step-by-step videos are here for your reference in case you are not able to get through to us immediately. We work hard at documenting and creating our video tutorials so you are able to get your issue or answer resolved as soon as possible.

We've recently added our interactive knowledgebase system where you can ask your questions on any product or service page. You will receive an immediate answer and the question is kept within our database in case others may have the same question in the future. So your question helps others, builds our reference database, as well as answering your inquiring mind. As you can see by our documentation on every category, product and resource page, we try and provide as much information as possible. We know time is of the essence so we do not want to add more delays to your already strict timeframe.

Don't hesitate to ask us! We value each and every inquiry and want you to feel secure about your purchase here at our online store. The only bad question we can think of, is one we don't know about :-)