How To Wrap Text Around A Photo Microsoft Word

How To Wrap Text Around A Photo Microsoft Word

Posted by The Funeral Program Site on Jan 24th 2020

The Funeral Program Site new video on how to wrap text around a photo within Microsoft Word inside any of our funeral program template layouts! Our step by step tutorial takes you inside our beautiful Rosette funeral program design. Most people like this presentation on the obituary page so here's a quick video to show you how!

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Text Wrap Around A Photo In Microsoft Word Using Our Funeral Program Template

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Today, we’re going to learn how to do a text wrap around a photo in Microsoft Word. In this example, I’m going to be using our Rosette funeral program template and Microsoft Word 2007 on a windows computer.

The best way to achieve this is by creating tables. First, go to the page you would like to wrap the text on, usually this would be on the obituary page. Remove the existing text boxes we’ve provided for you so you have a blank page. Go to the top navigation to INSERT > TABLE and create a 1x1 table square.

Once you click on that a table box appears widely on your page. Size it to the approximate size of the left page column, do not exceed 5.5” on your ruler. Type or paste your text inside the table you just created. You may type in a title for the text if desired.

Place your cursor in front of the first word of the entire text. Next, create another table within the larger table box. Don’t worry if the inner table box is wide, we’ll size it later. Insert your photo inside this 2nd table by placing your cursor inside the box and selecting INSERT > PICTURE at the top navigation bar.

Select your photo from your computer. We recommend a .JPG format.

Once selected, click on INSERT and your photo will appear inside the inner table box. It will insert large so to size it down, select on one of the circular corners and drag inward until the desired size is achieved.

On the top left corner of the photo, right click on the photo table box icon on and choose table properties > text wrapping. Before we do that, let’s remove the black thin border around our photo by clicking on borders and shading > Under Border setting > select none and click OK.

Click on the text wrapping icon now marked AROUND because we want our text to wrap around our photo. Click OK and the text now wraps nicely around the photo. At this point you may we’ll adjust the left margin. Select all of your text, Go to VIEW > RULERS and slide the margin toggle to the right as desired spacing.

Now let’s remove the black border around the outer table box. Located the table box icon on the top left of the box and right click. Select Borders & Shading and choose none then click OK. Your text is nicely wrapped around the photo. You can adjust the line spacing and font if desired.

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