Kinkos Funeral Programs

Kinkos Funeral Programs

Posted by Admin on Jan 1st 2019

Printing Your Funeral Programs at Kinkos

FedEx Kinkos does provide printing services and can assist you in printing your program file created from our funeral program template. It will be more cost effective if you create the design file yourself by entering in your own information using a ready-made template offered at The Funeral Program Site. We work closely with FedEx Kinkos personnel by answering issues or questions that they may have in printing. Generally, they do not have any issues printing our template files but we are here to support them in case anything does come up so you are not delayed in your production.

After you complete your program template, we recommend that you create a PDF file of the document so when FedEx Kinkos opens your file to print it, nothing shifts. Fonts you used on your computer may not be on theirs so it will substitute it thereby not printing the way you intend. Another factor is varying versions of Microsoft Word from your computer to theirs can play a part in the final document looking different than what you designed.

Questions to Ask

Prior to taking your file to FedEx Kinkos, there are some questions you may want to ask them with a phone call to the one nearest you. Although we also offer printing services, our DIY templates can certainly be printed at your local print shop such as Kinkos. When using FedEx Kinkos to print your file, it is best to contact them prior to taking the file to them to find out what their current turnaround time is and pricing. You will want to give them the paper size your printing on and how many “sides” your program has. For example, 1 sheet of paper has 2 sides, front and back. Also let them know what size paper as their pricing will vary depending on the size sheet of paper they print on. Pricing will be per SIDE printing so each piece of paper will have 2 sides. Also verify with them if the folding is included in pricing or if that is an additional charge.

They do provide two different folding types: machine and hand folding. Machine folding tends to be less than hand folding because it is less labor involved for their staff. If you are doing a booklet program, ask about the center staple and if that is also an additional charge to have it done. Find out what types of paper weights they offer as they will vary depending on each store. We do recommend you have your programs printed in a 32 lb. paper for a thicker weight but not a card stock. This is the thickest you can go before the card stock weight so, ask what the charge is for the premium weight paper verses the regular copy paper.

Your program will print with an 1/8” white border around the perimeter. If you want the full bleed look, you will need to ask them to cut the white off to achieve this look. This is how all printers create a full bleed presentation. All commercial printers print with a border and Kinkos is no different. It is not that much work to trim off the borders, but they will charge an additional fee to do so. If this is important to you, you will need to find out what they charge for the amount of program quantity you want printed.

When you are satisfied with the answers to your questions and they are within your budget, export your completed file as a PDF on a flash USB drive to your local store. You can also ask them if you can email the file to them. They will provide you with the email address to send it to. Once they have received the file, make sure you ask them to print a hardcopy first prior to running off your entire program quantity. Once you get the hardcopy sample, which is usually provided at no extra cost, comb through it to ensure everything visually looks as it should and review your content one final time. If the overall program appears dark, you can ask them to lighten the copies until you are satisfied with the brightness. They are able to brighten up the entire program but not elements within the program such as certain photos.

The Assembly After Printing

When determining pricing, don’t forget to ask them how much they charge for the folding fee. Sometimes, this fee is including and sometimes it is not depending on the type of program layout you provide them. For example, a program with a center fold may be included in the overall pricing but a graduated fold may not be. The graduated fold is typically hand folded in order to get the graduated offset folds correctly. FedEx Kinkos will charge additional for the hand folding versus the machine fold so be sure to inquire about this. The knowledge each personnel has will vary depending on their skill level and length of time working the printing department so it is best to make sure you know what to ask and expect prior to making the trip to your local FedEx Kinkos store. If you follow these guidelines, you will be ensured a beautiful and great looking printed memorial.