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Funeral Program Templates Especially Made For MAC Apple Pages

apple.mac.funera.programs.jpgOkay, I'm not gonna lie, I love MAC computers! I suppose I am a little biased since my background is graphic design and MACs are synonymous with graphic work.  Since our expertise is in MAC and we do all our designing on a MAC, it makes sense for us to create Apple Pages templates.

Apple Pages was designed by Apple hence their name being on the software title. This is great because it means that this software works hand in hand with your MAC computer. Unlike WORD, which was originally created for a Windows PC based computer, MAC and PAGES work seamlessly together! Like a marriage made in heaven!

Pages is a software that is pretty versatile and is a combination of a word processing software for typing up text and a graphical software for creating designs. It does not have all the bells and whistles as some of the big software systems like Adobe In Design but it offers enough to get you going in the production of a printed memorial.

Use Pages Templates Only

If you own a MAC, we strongly recommend you also purchase the PAGES software which will run you about $20.00 from the App Store. It is totally worth the small investment which is much less expensive than purchasing Microsoft's Word program. Even if you do not know a thing about Apple Pages, we are here to assist you. We will walk you through quickly how to edit your template in Pages and everything else you need to know to get your program completed. We promise it will be painless and worth it.

One of the best programs to use in creating a Funeral Program is the Apple iWork Pages® application. Why? Because of its ease of use and user-friendly interface, using Pages® is especially helpful during any time of loss. You don't want to be spending too much time with a learning a new application and using Pages® templates has very minimal learning curve.

Although Apple iWork Pages® can also open and edit Microsoft Word documents, this may present some complications during the conversion process since our templates have extensive high quality graphic designs. Templates created in Pages® is the cleanest and safest way to go since you will be opening up the template in its native application and therefore does not need to go through a conversion process. Do not download a WORD template and use Pages to edit it, it will cause all kinds of problems and don't trust a website that says you can edit it with Pages because it will end up giving you more work than its worth.

Our templates are Apple iWork Pages® ready and editable in Pages® version 2009 and up. You will get a pure document bypassing the conversion process (from Microsoft Word to Pages conversion). So if your a MAC user, rejoice! We always recommend purchasing a funeral program for iWork Pages®, as opposed to purchasing a Microsoft Word program and then editing it in Pages.

You also have the ability to take advantage of the easy and user-friendly controls within iWork Pages. Note that this application is the equivalent for Microsoft Word on MAC OSX is Pages®. However, the two applications, compared to each other, are entirely different. One example is that Pages has many helpful features that are absent in Microsoft Word or Publisher.

It offers a drag and drop feature for inserting photos and a built in pdf file creator. If you've never used Pages® before, purchase one of our funeral program templates and contat our customer support line and we will be happy to help you learn this application. If you do not have iWork on your MAC, you can download a free 30-day trial version from the Apple website.

All our templates are fully compatible with iWork 08 or 09, check out our beautiful selection of: Funeral Programs, Graduated Fold Funeral Programs, Tri Fold Brochure Templates, Funeral Booklets, Thank You Cards, and Funeral Prayer Cards.