Dancing Wick LED Candles

Memorial LED Flameless Candle With Dancing Wick

Memorial LED candles with dancing wick provide a real life effect with a graceful moving wick that simulates the motion of a lighted candle. The memorial candle is personalized with a photo, quote and personalized text of your choosing. It is curved top in design which provides maximum display of the dancing wick even from a distance away!

The Funeral Program Site offers personalized memorial LED candles with dancing wick and high back profile. We have a variety of designs that we imprint directly onto the wax! you won't find any paper wrap here, our technique prints on the wax surface for a completely custom and professional presentation.

Gift boxed, ready for an unforgettable sympathy gift with optional gift card. Includes batteries, ready to light! Our exclusive word art is written on the front along with your personalized 2 lines of text for a fitting tribute to any loved one. Perfect to light a memory on a special day of remembrance or any time of the year!

Memorial Keepsakes

If Ever Dancing Wick LED Candle


We are proud to have developed a special technique and use special ink to print directly onto the wax candle for long lasting durability and professional result. Unlike others, our artwork is not a sticker or decal.The inscription poetry reads: "If...