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Memorial Death Sayings and Quotes

memorial death sayingsWhat are memorial death sayings or quotes? They are basically a 1-2 sentence wording that offers food for thought for the reader or listener. They are very popular to include within a funeral or memorial program or read aloud as a type of short reading.

Sayings and quotes are great because they often get people reflecting and contemplating its meaning. There also can be several layers of possible meanings and profound thoughts associated with each. This can be a positive thing for a death since many people may only think about such things during a loss of a life.

You may often find quotes on tombstones or headstones and some funeral officiants will also incorporate them into the message given at the ceremony. The sayings or quotes can be religious in nature or totally secular. They can be taken from such references such as the bible, music or popular songs and poetry. They are more like little quips or very short excerpts from these. In fact, you can get quotes from old century poets if you'd like. If there is a sentence or two that speaks to you emotionally, you can use that as a way to also encourage others who may be in attendance.

If you are Chinese, perhaps you want to read some chinese wisdom from confucious and the same for those in other ethnicities who may find it inspiring to retrieve a quote from their favorite historical person.  

The recommended use for such sayings may be within a program so it can be share by everyone present at the funeral ceremony. Our website offers many beautiful DIY funeral program templates for immediate download where you can easily paste the quotes into as you desire.

Here is an example of a saying from a Chinese proverb which essential notes "All of life is like walking in a dream when death is like going home."  It has been said that we are merely sojourners on this earth awaiting our final destination which for the believer or faith based person is heaven. You can use this premise or thought as a foundation for your quotes if you like. Or you can just keep all of them non-religious. It's all up to you and how each qoute speaks to your heart. Then you must consider if it will be appropriate to use in the ceremony.

It is important to keep them relevant but not necessary. It can be off subject as long as it had a special meaning in the person's life somehow. If you find a quote you like, its always best to get a second opinion. Sometimes when we are in a period of grieving, our perspective and focus can be shifted and can make decision making a little more challenging. So share it with a friend or other family member first before deciding to include it within your service program.