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Creating A Memorial To Honor A Memory

memorial.fountain.jpgCherishing a loved one’s memory by creating some type of memorial is a treasured action that everyone partakes in. It’s easy to create a memorial and it doesn’t have to be fancy or over-the-top. It can be simple and meaningful at the same time.  A memorial is something set up that is permanent as a reminder of the person who passed away. It may be as little as a token or as large as a statue but the main thing is that it helps remind us of a memory or think about what was important to the person who died. 

You can start thinking of unique or traditional memorial ideas for a loved one by answering these three questions:

  • What was important to them?
  • What made them smile?
  • Were they involved in an organization or cause? 

Below is a list of the top ten memorial ideas and how to create them. You can modify any of these if you wish and customize it in your own way.

  1. PLANT A TREE or FLOWERS IN HONOR OF THEIR MEMORY If they enjoyed gardening or loved nature, planting a tree either by seeds or a sapling is an eco friendly idea!  You can plant the tree anywhere in your own garden or a special place your loved one enjoyed going to. Make sure there are no special permissions that are needed if you plant it outside your own property. Alternatively you can also plant flowers or another type of shrub or vegetation. You can have a garden stake placed next to your plant engraved with your memorial wording. The important thing is not the type but if it was meaningful in some way to your loved one. For example, a tomato plant is ideal if this is something they did every Spring and in honor of that memory, you will continue on the tradition.

  2. HAVE YOUR LOVED ONE PLACED ON A STAMP Did you know you can create your own photo stamps? Not many people know that you can create your own custom photo stamps. Put your stamps on your thank you cards as a perfect addition to memorialize your loved one. It is a small addition but will make such a great impact. You can put these on announcements that you send out, a note or invitation to a death anniversary or memorial gift cards. You can get more information and begin creating your personalized stamp at

  3. DONATE A MEMORIAL BENCH There are many public places that will engrave a name on a bench for those who donated money to the fund a project of the place or location. Donating money may go towards future building or enhancing an organization’s program. Some places may have a plaque or brick that donor’s names are etched into as a tribute to them for helping fund the organization. For example, a park may have benches set throughout it’s acreage with the donor’s name placed on it.

  4. MEMORIAL STEPPING STONES These are wonderful stones placed in your own garden or yard engraved with a popular saying or short phrase along with your loved one’s name. These are hardy and made of resin which withstands all kinds of weather. The engraving within the stone makes for a small and permanent memorial. They are easily moved around if desired. So if you need to do so years later, you can simply pick it up and place it at the new location. You can also place this in the center of a flower garden and commemorate that area for your special memorial. A very affordable option that is personal and easy to do.

  5. CREATE A MEMORIAL BOOK Publishing or creating a book is not as difficult as it used to be. You can certainly do one by not having to print large quantities and sell it. A memorial book is a perfect bind book with your own pages within. This book can be passed to future generations and leaves quite a legacy of your loved one captured within its pages. You can include your own wording, pages of photos through the years, biography, life achievements, special awards and work, all compiled within one place!  The cover and inside pages are designed especially for the person you wish to honor. A more informal hard bound book might be pages of a journal your loved one kept or that you hand wrote. It doesn’t have to be formally typewritten, books can be made with scanned pages of newspaper clippings or handwritten notes. The Funeral Program Site is offers this service and produces beautiful books fully customized to your specifications.

  6. A LIGHTED MEMORY Lighting a candle or lantern on an anniversary date or other special day of the year is another form of memorial that anyone can easily do. Candles and lanterns are personalized with a special phrase and the name of the loved one. Lighting it by turning on the switch and placing it in your home or outdoors creates a lighted memory you can do once a year, on certain days of the year or everyday! LED candles have timers so you can set it and let it turn on its own. You can also choose a wax candle which you can light but remember good safety cautions for candle lighting.

  7. START A COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP Starting a scholarship is creating one that funds a person’s college costs. The funds can be taken from a tournament that people pay and participate in which takes the proceeds and banks them for a specific scholarship in the name of your loved one. For example, if they loved golf, people who want to participate in a type of tournament pays an entrance fee which will in turn be placed within a fund for the scholarship.

  8. CREATE A VIDEO Funeral homes may include a memorial DVD which is played at the funeral or memorial service. This video usually contains many photos, texts and makes for a wonderful keepsake that is created in memory of a loved one. Videos are great but as it ages, technology can also change. So what we use in a DVD today may be outdated tomorrow. For example, we were once in a tape of VHS tapes, today they are nearly non-existent. So make sure to stay on the technology trend to ensure you are able to play the video as we move forward in the future of videos.