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memorial.keepsakes.jpgA memorial keepsake is a tangible item that commemorates a loved one’s memory with a personalized photo and/or their name, dates or a one line tribute. Keepsakes have been known to be a cherished commodity and there is no value that can be placed of a loved one memorialized on a personalized frame, t shirt, garden stone, or wind chime. Everyday items such as these are made extra special by the personalization that is done in loving memory of the deceased. It is also a well known fact that memorial keepsakes can help in the healing process for those who have suffered a loss through death. These special mementos are cherished, loved and kept.

Including Memorial Keepsakes Within the Service 

Many families choose to create a memorial keepsake after the funeral service or memorial ceremony however, some want to incorporate it into the service. Memorial candles are an example of a keepsake that can function both within a service or wake then kept afterwards for a remembrance item. Candles 

are appropriate displays at a service to symbolize a lighted memory. These can be placed within a floral arrangement, on a memory table, by a memorial poster or podium. The soft glow of candlelight offers a soothing and peaceful setting within any configuration. The addition of a photo on the candle speaks louder than words, properly honoring a loved one's memory.

A custom casket insert panel that is placed inside an open casket is often seen for services when the deceased is buried. Often the casket is open for viewing therefore revealing the casket panel with the photo, a few words and coordinating background to complete the artwork presentation. It is a beautiful way to remember and display the deceased as the family remembers him or her. The casket panel insert is made from cloth and mounted on a foam board. This enables the family to use the casket panel if desired after the service by transforming it into a memorial portrait. This can be simply done by having the panel framed. Families then can display it within a home or office for a spectacular portrait tribute.

Having a tangible item from a loved one or of a loved one can be a source of comfort and healing to surviving family members. By looking at their photo whether it is a framed memorial portrait or a clock, can bring special feelings for a surviving spouse. Memorial keepsake truly hold a special part in the healing process of the bereaved. 

There are so many different kinds of keepsakes we personalize within our online superstore of templates and memorials. Apparel is one of the newest products that can be worn at the service and kept for later use on a death anniversary or birthday of the deceased. By wearing the articles of clothing, it sends a message that we are honoring the memory of our loved one. Neck ties, scarves, and t shirts are among the most popular in loving memory apparel purchased by families to pay tribute or homage. When manufactured correctly, the photo and text will never fade symbolizing the same for the loved one's never fading memory in the hearts of the family. 

Sympathy Gifts

Many keepsake items are received from extended family and friends who give them as a sympathy gift in lieu of flowers. Unlike fresh flowers, these gifts will last for years. It really is a wiser way to make send an "i'm sorry for your loss" gift and one that is always welcomed and appreciated. Sympathy gifts can be mailed directly to the family when purchased on our website along with a gift card and your special condolence message. We will even take a photo of the gift and emailed it to you so you can see what you are giving your friend or family member. It is an extra step we are happy to provide for you, if requested. Although flowers have a special place within a funeral or memorial service, they are not long lasting and is not personalized. The added personalization makes a simple item into something special. Some families choose to give a keepsake to themselves as a form of remembrance for their beloved. Some products for this purpose, but are not limited to, are memorial keychains, button pins, calendars, and refrigerator magnets.

A sympathy gift can invoke fond memories of how a person was most remembered. Whether it is a photo of them participating in a favorite hobby or capturing a special milestone in their lives, it is something that can be shared through future generations. Keepsakes can be passed down as well to keep a memory alive of the matriarch of a family. Even the simplest item such as a photo frame with a loved one's portrait behind a glass pane can be a keepsake. When a grieving widow or immediate family member sees their loved one imprinted or engraved onto a product, often tears will follow because of how unique it is in presentation. No one can resist seeing a photo of their beloved engraved on wood, glass, or stone. This is why headstones are personalized with a technique called sandblasting to engrave up to three lines of personalized text. It turns a block of stone into something incredibly special.

Keepsakes As A Handout

You may also decide to purchase a small memorial keepsake as a hand out to all your guests or attendees. It gives them something to take home and remember your loved one. Small memorial keepsakes such as bookmarks, buttons, awareness ribbons or a votive candle are examples of cost effective products that can be purchased in a larger quantity. Our store does offer volume discounts, so please ask us if you are looking to purchase large multiples of any of our keepsakes memorials. The handouts can be given at a wake or visitation service as well as before or after a service or at gravesite. Maybe it is something that is reminiscent of your loved one and you want to give it away as a sort of funeral "favor". This is very common for families to do. You can opt to give it only to the family members or the entire attendee as a whole. The choice is yours and may depend on budget and the specific item you give.

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