Create Memorial Programs In Sports, Hobbies, and Career Designs

Memorial programs are printed memorials distributed at a memorial or funeral service. The memorial program can contain a life biography or obituary, order of service, funeral poems and photos throughout the life of the loved one. The backgrounds can include a sports, hobbies and/or life career theme. These things play a big part in life and is fitting for a memorial program backdrop as it lends itself an extension of who they were. 

Whether your loved one had a passion for sports, a hobby or their career, you will find the right choice within our collection. The Funeral Program Site offers some wonderful sports designs for the player or spectator. For the sports player or enthusiast, our variety of sporting backgrounds creates an extension of who your loved one was or what they enjoyed. Hobby related backgrounds for those who looked forward to spending time and enjoyed a favorite pastime. We offer the perfect backdrops relating to career or one's past employment for those who were in business or spent most of their lives working in a particular field. 

Ready-Made DIY Templates

Big Rig Funeral Program Template


This big rig background design is created for the trucker in mind. With a trio of big rig trucks bordering the bottom and light blue skies overhead, it makes the perfect backdrop for the trucking professional. The landscape is an outdoor hillside set...