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images.pngThe Disciples of Christ denomination generally uses the funeral service outline of a service of memory and hope.

The Disciples of Christ (The Christian Church) are a mainline protestant denomination in North America. It is often referred to as the Christian church or The Disciples. It's local churches are congregationally governed meaning each church will have their own structure and are not under any type of headquarters or larger entity. 

The Funeral: A Service of Memory and Hope for Disciples of Christ Church 

  • Call to Worship
  • Music
  • Greeting
  • Opening Prayer
  • Prayer of Illumination
  • Reading of Scripture: The Psalms, The Hebrew Scriptures, New Testament Readings, The Gospel Reading
  • Message
  • Music
  • Statements of Life
  • General Prayer
  • Partaking of the Lord's Supper (optional)
  • Music
  • Dismissal with Blessing

You can place the order of service perfectly into a program which serves as a guide for those who are outside of this faith or denomination. It also helps all attendees with knowing what is the next item in the order of service.