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In Loving Memory Book Preserves A Legacy in Print memory book or memorial book is a great idea to have as a means to keep your loved one's legacy preserved in a printed memorial. This type of book is a hard cover perfect bind presentation that is suitable for any coffee table or proudly displayed on a book shelf. It looks and feels like a real published book but you do not have to go through a publisher to create it. A memory book is something to pass down to future generations and helps them have a visual representation of the roots in which they came from.

Memorial books can serve a two-fold purpose: they can capture funeral attendees registry and special notes of condolences during the final celebration of life; it can be lasting keepsake which contains photos of the loved one throughout the years as well as biographies and other special notes of remembrance.

Ready Made Memorial Books

Memorial books manufactured by The Funeral Program Site provide a custom memory book that offers various sections of the inner pages. You do not have to create this book yourself but rather, send in all your text and photographs you wish to include to this company and they will take care of the rest. A final proof is provided prior to the production of the memory book to ensure everything is just right. This is a ready-made memory book that takes approximately one week to custom make but will be cherished for years in the generations to come.

The sections contain fill-in pages for you to write in your loved one's personal information, the guest registry for attendees to write in their name and address, and a special condolence message to jot down special memories or sympathy messages to the family. There are also pages in which you can add the obituary, final celebration of life ceremony details, special family tributes, related poems and scriptures and photos through the years. This makes the memory book functional, practical and keeps all of your last mementos all in one place. That is important because in the years to come, loose papers tend to get lost or damaged in some form. Having it in a hard cover book creates a place that is secure and long lasting. This book can be put together in a perfect bind or spiral bind. The cover and back page is available in gloss or velvet touch matte finish and contains a beautiful background photo with optional photo of your loved one seamlessly merged into the landscape.

The design of the inside book is presented like any other true hardcover book, it is more than a book with pictures, although it can be that, if you so desire. It differs because of the text you have along with it that tells the story of your loved one's life. 

Memory Book Ideas

Sometimes obituaries need to be shortened in order to fit the confines of a newspaper or funeral bulletin. The full length version of a biography or obituary can be contained in the memory book along with added photos of what is written about. Because the book contains approximately 50 pages, you have ample room to include many things. It is a type of a scrapbook where memorabilia is kept but presented in a much more professional format as that of a hard bound book you would see an author publish but you can print one book instead of having to mass produce it. You can choose to have more than one memory printed for immediate family if desired. This is the advantage of having a "short run" publication. The cost may be a little more but it is worth it in the long run. The custom memorial books will run about $159-$170 depending on the size. There are typically two different sizes available in a 8" x 8" or 8" x 10" format. Your choice will is purely dependent on preference.

Even hard copy photos can be scanned and created digitally for submission and inclusion. You can take a picture of a newspaper clipping or special awards, all the content you used in the funeral program and include it as well. Anything that highlights or gives recognition to the deceased accomplishment or pays tribute to them in some form or fashion can be included. The main purpose to to encapsulate the memories in one book and there is no limit as to what you can add. 

Having a memory book created is a printed memorial you don't want to go without. It will become a precious commodity to your children and to your children's children. A book that visualizes their background, heritage and culture. A legacy reminder of the matriarch of the family.