The Universal Software

microsoft.word.funeral.program.template.jpgMicrosoft Word is a software that is almost always installed on every Windows computer. It is a popular application that most people use to edit text documents and do basic graphic designing for brochures and flyers. Many businesses use this as their sole word processing software of choice because of its wide usage and easily accessible for purchase. Some Windows based computers even have the trial version of Word already installed at purchase. This software will run you anywhere between $39.95 - $129.95 depending on the type of license you get. There is also now an online version of it that let’s you pay by subscription every month. Either way, it will enable you to edit and create Word documents.

It’s no surprise that families who are searching for DIY funeral program templates use WORD as the software to edit. It is convenient since this software already runs on the computer for both Windows and MAC alike. It is not however, the easiest and most user-friendly interface. Every version of WORD seems to provide a different procedure in doing things. For example some tabs are not in the same place on each version and it certainly varies from MAC vs. Windows. It isn’t consistent all the way across most likely because it is for both types of computers.

View Tutorials Before Purchase

The templates offered to you at The Funeral Program Site are compatible and editable in Microsoft Word for both MAC and Windows. Versions of 2008 and up installed on a computer are able to edit the downloadable digital file. The procedures do vary for inserting a photo or adding pages to center fold booklets, so please make sure you read and watch the video tutorial on how to precisely accomplish this. It is not difficult but a matter of how it is done, incorrectly insert a photo could cause your layout to have issues. Always view the tutorial first before purchasing any funeral program template so you know exactly what to expect and how to complete the editing process prior to the download.

Difference Between Word and Publisher

People often wonder what is the difference between Microsoft Word and Publisher? The main variable when it comes to the creation of funeral programs is the way you add pages within the two. If you do not plan on adding pages or doing much graphically, Word is a perfectly viable tool to accomplish your task. If however, you are not sure how big your program will be or if you feel you will need to add pages to the bifold program, Word may not be the best choice. The reason for this is because of the multiple steps you need to create the additional pages. Duplicating the inside pages and then determining the exact order of how the pages will be presented can pose a problem with many users.

Word does vary from version to version and in its desktop verses the online version as far as some procedural things that you do like inserting a photo. For the most part when working with funeral templates, you just need to replace the filler text with your own information and then insert any photos you like. The complexity comes in when you start adding pages and do transparent photos behind text. If you keep it basic, there should be no issues and you should be able to get to printing your program quickly. 

Because each computer is different, its best to export your program into a PDF file so that things do not shift when it is opened up on another computer that has Word installed but may not have your fonts. You never know what could happen so play it safe and lock in your information and photos in a PDF file. A PDF file is also the preferred file format any printer would want. 

The Funeral Program Site is one of the few online stores that offer quality, true WORD funeral program templates backed with the 100% customer support available to all who have questions before, during and after a purchase.