What Is An Obituary Template?

select.personalize.print.jpgAn obituary template can be referred to as a one of two things. The first is a template that offers assistance in writing an obituary for a loved one. This type of obituary template helps guide you along the process of writing an obituary. Some people have difficulty in forming words or do not know what to write or include. The template will ask you questions about the life of the deceased and you will fill it your answer. Once all the questions are answered you now have the basis of writing an obituary with the answers you noted. You can simply join the sentences together and form the obituary.

The second type of obituary template is an actual pre-formatted document that assist you in the creation of the program. Some refer to the handout as an obituary template because it is included within the contents of the program. People can refer to this title in the way they are most familiar with it. Essentially the obituary is included within the program for most families.

DIY Programs With An Obituary Template

Learning how to create an obituary for a recently departed loved one is easy with any of our full or DIY services. The key to a good obituary program is the design foundation. Our obituary template provides a layout you can just edit then print yourself. If your short on time, we can help you with the design and print it for you too! We have a variety of services to suite every budget because we understand funerals are expensive we offer our DIY templates that are downloadable.

We provide filler text within our template but you can easily change it to suit your own service information. Include such items as when the service will be held, where they will be buried, poems, scripture, order of service information, acknowledgements and the obituary or biography. You can highlight the life of the deceased by writing a biography and including it along with related photos during the years.

Our templates are versatile and enable you to change anything within them. For example, if you want to change one of the formats of our template pages, we have a step-by-step video that will show you how to insert a photo box and/or text box on any of the inside or back pages of the template using Microsoft Word 2007.  Here is an example of our step-by-step guide on just how to do that.   

Here is an informative video on a quick summary of an obituary template in visual presentation! You've come to the right place to get yours, help is just a click away. 

If you want to edit the template, you can do so on your own home computer using Word, Publisher or Apple Pages software. We can also help you to typeset it then you can choose to print it wherever you’d like! We have many options on our website depending on how much or how little you need our help. Select the one that meets your budget and timeframe.

Obituary Template Example Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. Go to the page of your template you would like to change.
  2. Click on the existing text boxes and click delete on your keyboard to remove.
  3. To insert a photo box, go to INSERT > SHAPES > and choose the rectangle box.
  4. Your cursor will turn into a cross. Go ahead and click and drag with your mouse to create the shape. Position and size it where you like it.
  5. Now your ready to insert your photo. Please refer to our video on how to Insert a Photo into your template.
  6. To insert a text box do the following: Go to INSERT > Text Box > Simple Text Box. A new text box will appear on your page.
  7. Your cursor will turn into a cross, then click and drag the size and shape you want the text box to be. 
    Try to stay within the same sizing as your photo box.
  8. Remove the filler text inside the box, and type or paste your information into it.
  9. The text box default is a white fill with black border. To remove this and allow the background image to show through, 
    select the text box by clicking on the perimeter of it.
  10. Go to Format > Text box which brings up the Format Text Box popup display. Choose Fill > Color > No Fill, then go to Line > No Line
  11. Your text box should now be transparent. You can now feel free to edit the remaining areas of your template.

You can also opt to use our full design and print services in which we take the burden off of you and create a beautiful program within a few short hours. You can still decide if you want us to print it and ship it directly to your door or if you'd rather take it locally to get printed. We offer the most comprehensive, easy-to-use obituary templates online and backed with our full customer service!

Our categories are broken down into different styles of templates so choose the one that best meets your needs and the amount of text and photos you want to include. Check out our range of styles for an obituary under our DIY TEMPLATE Menu.