A Perfect Time for Planting Seeds

Mar 23rd 2018

Now is the perfect time of the year for planting memorial seeds! We offer custom seed packets as a memorial that will blossom year after year in your garden or planter box. These great memorial keepsakes are the perfect tribute for a loved one and a great idea for a favor or giveaway at the funeral service.

Simply send in a photo of your loved one and we’ll take care of the rest! We remove the background and place the photo on one of our wildflower seed backgrounds of your choice. They are the cutest little items to distribute and everyone will love them. We special blend wildflower seeds within each packet so they will grow optimally in your area or region of the country.

The custom seed packets are exclusively made by The Funeral Program Site and are very popular among families and businesses. It is a great way to see a memorial annually because the wildflower mixture we use are annuals, perennials and biennials. Remembering a loved one in this way is not only earth friendly but a green way to go as far as a memorial tribute. It also adds beauty to your garden or yard. Designate a small spot in your background and plant the seeds of life memorial with our custom seed packets.

We have carefully selected 100% pure wildflower seeds that will guarantee growth! That is why we have separated them into regions that will be best for them to grow in. Plant them in honor of a loved one’s memory.

All orders are processed and shipped out within 24 hours. We understand the time sensitivity of a funeral service, so we make it our goal tseed packetso work as speedily as possible to meet your timeframe. Seed packets are so cute, we know you’ll be back for more. They are the best quality seeds on the best quality designs because we manufacture them here directly.

There is quality you can count in all our memorial products and programs. Because we specialize in these types of items, we know our business! If you’ve never considered having a custom seed packet created before, I encourage you to do so now. You will love the way they turn out, they are one of my favorite items in our online superstore. Not only can they be done for funerals or memorials, but they can also be created for any occasion you can think of! We do provide volume discounts so if you want a quote, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide that for you.

Even if it isn’t Spring and we’re well into the summer season now, you can still use these as a handout. Attendees and family can plant these in the fall or spring depending on which packet you choose and which region you live in. They really are an all-around keepsake for everyone.

We provide you with up to 3 lines of customized text of your choice which we imprint on the front of the seed packets. They are very special indeed and something you can also distribute at a wake/visitation or the funeral reception or interment.

We can create a custom background as well if you'd like. Just let us know and we're on it! Don't forget to check out our other plantable memorial products in the form of plantable cards and bookmarks.